Sports Surfacing

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Sports Surfacing Services

Our specialist sports team offers a complete sports surfacing service that comprises of design, pitch specification, supply, and construction. Our projects include football clubs, golf courses, cricket grounds, tennis courts, bowling greens, athletics and winter sports.

Our teams have experience constructing both natural and synthetic surfaces for a variety of sports surfaces for projects of various sizes. These projects range from a single pitch scheme to multi-sport facilities projects across the UK. 

Our services include:

  • Artificial and hybrid sports surface installation
  • Drainage installation, improvement and repairs
  • Installation of pop-up automated irrigation systems
  • Setting out, initial marking and overmarking sports pitches
  • Natural sports surface installation
  • Grass bank stabilisation

Laser Levelling

Our state-of-the-art laser plant and equipment allow our teams to complete laser leveling on any sports surface to the highest accuracy levels. 

We can achieve leveling of the tightest tolerances on any grass pitches, producing an even finished surface with the correct falls to aid drainage. 

Drainage Solutions

Good drainage is the key to maintaining quality sports surfaces, from traditional plastic pipe drains to gravel or sand slit drains our teams can install drainage specific to each site’s requirements with minimum disruption to your sports facilities. 


Our experienced colleagues will meet you at your premises to carry out a survey to identify the requirements for the sports surface and provide a detailed project plan. 

The survey will look at impact criteria, slip resistance, surface requirement, permeability, levels, and performance tests to ensure a safe environment for the user. 

Ongoing Maintenance

Our teams are able to provide ongoing maintenance plans to help maximise the potential of your sports facilities. 

Find out more about our sports maintenance services. 

Mixto Hybrid Grass System

Mixto is a reinforced natural hybrid surface, specifically designed to serve a variety of needs for sports surfaces. It consists of a synthetic and a natural grass component, where the artificial matrix is perfectly designed to better promote the initial germination, growth, and development of the natural grass. idverde is the UK’s sole supplier of Mixto Hybrid Turf. 

Find out more about Mixto here. 

Benefits of idverde’s sports creation services:

  • Enhances the sports experience.
  • Ensures optimal condition is reached.
  • Maximises the potential of any given sporting facility.
  • Green increases the appearance of your sports park.
  • Allows users to perform the best they can.
  • Creates a healthy and safe sports environment.

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