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Mixto: A perfect blend of natural and artificial turf

idverde is the UK’s sole supplier of Mixto. Mixto is a reinforced natural hybrid surface, specifically designed to serve a variety of needs for sports surfaces. It consists of a synthetic and a natural grass component, where the artificial matrix is perfectly designed to better promote the initial germination, growth and development of the natural grass. 

Mixto’s composite system creates the right conditions for perfect oxygenation, the permeability of the surface layer and an ideal air-water-soil balance, whilst also preventing the formation of muddy areas or waterlogging. 

Mixto provides stability, permeability, and maximum safety for athletes, with reduced maintenance costs compared to 100% natural surfaces. 

Mixto Carpet Installation | Rugby Ground

Complete synergy between nature and technology

The Mixto system creates a bond between the synthetic fibres and natural grass, which is anchored to the special primary support system. This ensures maximum surface stability and prevents both snags and divoting during play. The added strength from the artificial turf and support system improves the durability of the surface, with playing time increased to around three times that of natural turf. This is achieved without any noticeable change in surface performance for players, as the overall impression is almost identical to that of fully natural turf, albeit with increased stability underfoot. 

Mixto is a system suitable both for the construction of entirely new pitches or the resurfacing of existing natural grass pitches. 

Efficient Solutions, Great Results

On-site Seeding:
Mixto system installation with seeding on location is ready for use after 7-8 weeks. 

The use of certified materials for sub-soil construction and following the correct technical procedures enables this. 

Lay & Play Method:
Pre-cultivated turf (big rolls) from nurseries can be quickly laid for immediate use. This characteristic of the Mixto system makes it flexible and highly adaptable. It also enables partial replacements or repairs to be carried out if required. 

Benefits of Mixto:

  • Cost effective solution for clubs of various sizes.
  • Easy to maintain, repair and renovate.
  • Stable, wear resistant and allows optimum control.
  • Reputable: chosen by some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Surface Consistency:
Regular use does not compromise Mixto’s perfect playing quality. 

The system uses materials that guarantee no change in permeability of the substrate. 

The added strength of the artificial grass reduces the wear on the natural grass, enables faster surface recovery after play and gives unrivaled season-long playing hours. 

Mixto delivers high economic sustainability. The ratio of investment/hours of use is better and highly competitive compared to that of other systems. Maintenance costs are also greatly reduced. 

Mixto can be regenerated after each season using virtually the same process as fibre sand or other sand systems.  The thatch can be stripped using a Koro or similar machinery, and it can also be aerated using solid tines on machinery such as a ProCore. 

Technical Performace:
Smoothness, bounce, player, and ball interactions are optimal with outstanding stability. 

Ease of Maintenance:
Day-to-day maintenance is the same as for natural grass, but Mixto is easier to manage during the recovery stage. idverde are able to provide bespoke maintenance packages for your sports surface, find out more here.

The stable and uniform playing surface reduces the risk of accidents. The hardness value (Clegg hammer) can be managed as required. 

Through sowing: end-to-end installation time of 7–8 weeks. By laying turf rolls that have been pre-grown in nurseries: immediate use, convenience, and speed of installation even for the smallest replacements. 

The system allows for a variety of different uses beyond sports (such as events or concerts). Any localised damage can be quickly repaired as small areas of Mixto are easy to carry out. 

A selection of our projects

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Portsmouth Football Club
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Mixto Installation and Maintenance for Peterborough FC
Peterborough United Football Club
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Using Mixto for goalmouths & small hard-wearing areas
Various clients
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Mixto Hybrid Turf Installation
Sheffield United FC
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Mixto FAQ's

What are the top 3 advantages of using a product like Mixto?
1. More playing hours – increased usage does not compromise the playability of a Mixto surface.

2. You wouldn’t know it’s there! As a groundsman, if anyone was to walk on your Mixto pitch you’d receive great compliments as to how good the surface is. The beauty of the Mixto system is the added strength given to you by the root wrapping round the backing of the carpet, which means the natural grass is incredibly resistant. In areas such as goalmouths if you were to lose any grass cover the artificial fibres would reveal themselves, leaving you with what appears to be 100% grass cover!

3. Less time repairing pitches – You can put your pitchfork away for most of the year as a brush and a hoover after usage and the pitch is as good as new!
What type of options does Mixto come in and how quickly can these options be played on?
1. Install from seed –We would suggest no less than 6 weeks.

2. Lay & Play Turf – can be played on almost immediately

3. From Renovation – 4-6 weeks. We once hosted a football league fixture 17 days after a concert. Although we had renovated the pitch prior to putting the flooring down for the stage and spectators.
Can Mixto be renovated, repaired or recycled?
Yes! Mixto is a carpet-based hybrid as opposed to a stitched system, which allows areas to be replaced or repaired.

idverde has previously installed Mixto on top of existing root zones as well as newly prepared root zone. Meaning you don’t ‘have’ to dig out an existing pitch and replace it with 10-12 inches of sand.

Mixto is also completely recyclable. A club in France actually sold their Mixto pitch to another club! They harvested and transported in refrigerated trucks from one stadium to another and it’s still being played on to this day. It can be recycled anywhere as opposed to being disposed of. It could be donated from a club to grassroots facilities. A full-size pitch could produce 70No 6 yard boxes.
Where can Mixto be used?
Our sports services department has installed full pitch constructions for Premier League clubs, full pitches and goalkeeping areas in training grounds, stadium installs at football league clubs, goalmouth installs for non-league clubs, buggy paths and tees on golf courses, as well as high traffic lawn areas in busy town centres!
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