Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Our emergency response colleagues provide a 24-hour, 7day a week call-out and incident response service.  

We are able to dispatch support to deal with tree damage, fallen trees, storm damage, traffic incidents, spillage, road closures, flooding, hazards and other incidents. 

Our colleagues are specially trained to work in hazardous environments, ensuring hazards are removed and access is quickly restored.

Arboriculture Support

Arboriculture and tree surgery is a highly skilled profession given the dangers that are present. That is why we employ only highly trained, highly qualified, tree surgeons and utilise industry-leading, specialist equipment.

We offer our clients a 24-hour emergency call-out service to support them with fallen trees, storm damage and tree damage and ensure that we can keep environments safe at all times. So, whenever you need us, you can be sure that we will be there. We have dedicated tree services teams at our contracts in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Cheshire Peaks and Plains, Staverton, Newbury, the North- West, South Staffordshire and Wiltshire. 

Find out more about our Arboriculture services here.

Storm Emergency Response | Tree Fallen
Snow Clearance Car Park

Snow & Ice Removal

Our dedicated gritting service, Ice Watch, keeps access roads, footpaths, and car parks safe and passable during winter to keep our clients’ premises open and safe for their employees, customers and members of the public, no matter what the weather conditions. 

Ice Watch offer a winter gritting, snow ploughing and snow clearance service tailored to your specific site needs. We work with clients from all sectors, including schools, university campuses, hospitals, retail parks, industrial estates, commercial premises, social housing, car parks and roads.

Find out more about our winter maintenance response service here.

Flood Defence

When bad weather hits and causes unprecedented levels of flooding that destroys infrastructure, businesses and property, this can be a life-changing situation for some of those affected.

Our flood response teams are able to react quickly and efficiently to try to prevent lasting damage to local communities and we are also able to provide street cleansing services to restore areas and access for residents.


Flood Response

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