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Hillside Golf Course | 2022 - 2022 | Southport

Mixto is a fantastic surface for golf courses

Clubs looking for a good-looking, hard-wearing option for heavy traffic areas – including those where machinery is used – can rely on Mixto to deliver. 

A great example is Hillside Golf Course, which has been a host course for the Open Championship Final Qualifying for nearly 10 years. The grounds team, led by Chris Ball, trialled Mixto on one of their most used and eroded areas and were impressed with the results.  

The Mixto team met with Chris before installation and gave him advice on how to lay the surface for the very best outcome. The grounds team was then easily able to lay it themselves with top tips from idverde on its easy care and maintenance. Now, the team are planning to install Mixto across several other areas of the course. 

With an ever-developing industry, Hillside Golf Club is always looking at new technologies that may be transferable from other sectors of the sports turf world. One area that caught our eye was hybrid carpet systems. Would they be suitable for pathways and high wear areas?   

We approached idverde and the Mixto carpet system, deciding to run a trial in one of our most hard-wearing areas. We began the trial for the 2020 season on a severe sloped cart-way, which had the highest wear on the links, with other disadvantageous being limited air flow and sunlight.  

The information and support from idverde was superb, meaning our in-house installation went flawlessly and the subsequent grow in was very successful.   The carpet system has maintained its quality, aesthetics and integrity – and after two years of testing, we are satisfied that the system will work on our site and in the golf market. We are looking at other areas in 2023 to expand its use across the course.

Chris Ball
Hillside Golf Course
Course Manager 

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