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Creating calming healthcare environments

At idverde, we understand the benefits our services offer to the healthcare sector and the way they can positively benefit people’s health and wellbeing. We pride ourselves in supporting healthcare sector organisations, including the NHS to provide well-maintained and safe sites across the UK. 

Studies show that the inclusion of green spaces and nature in healthcare environments, reduce stress levels, boost residents and patient’s mood and ensure that the facilities are kept presentable and fit for purpose. 

Our Services

idverde’s most popular services provided for the healthcare sector include: 

  • Grounds maintenance
  • Landscape design and creation
  • Green roofs & living walls
  • Hard & soft landscaping
  • Interior planting
  • Shrubbery and hedge maintenance 
  • Fencing supply and installation
  • Tree services eg. branch trimming 
  • Gritting, snow clearance, and grit bin supply

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Healthcare Hard & Soft Landscaping


idverde offer a variety of grounds maintenance services to cover all aspects of site maintenance. We create a bespoke, tailored approach to our services depending on the site based on the site requirements and budget. Our specialist colleagues are able to analyse the site and advise you on the best services to keep the area maintained and health and safety compliant. 

Winter Services

We provide outstanding winter service packages to look after the health and safety of visitors to your site and ensure you are health and safety compliant no matter what the weather. idverde provides snow removal and gritting services and monitors the weather to make sure we are ready to act when needed. 

Site Improvements

We are constantly looking at ways we can improve your sites and the visitor experience. We offer aesthetically appealing traffic control measures to ensure pedestrians are kept safe. We also like to provide sustainable and biodiversity enhancing measures where possible, these can also help boost sensory experiences in health care settings like hospitals and care homes. Focusing on creating a space where health, recovery and mental wellbeing are at the centre of the services being carried out. 

Grounds Cleaning Services

idverde’s cleaning services ensure that your site is a pleasant and safe environment for those using the facilities. We offer services such as graffiti removal, chewing gum removal, leaf clearance, litter picking, and path cleansing services. 

Biodiverse and Sustainable Landscapes

Our colleagues are passionate about creating and maintaining biodiverse landscapes for our clients. From wildflower meadows and long-grassed areas to installing nest boxes and bee hives, our ecology and biodiversity experts are on hand to advise how you can improve the biodiversity in your area.  

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Courtyard Landscaping
Wythenshawe Hospital
Our customers
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Care and Nursing Homes
  • Outpatient Centres

What our services mean for Healthcare

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  • Helps aid faster recovery
  • Can boost moods and release stress
  • Provides relaxation benefits
  • Enhance outdoor areas
  • Creates a therapeutic environment
  • Enhances the appearance of your facility