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Counting down to the Paris Olympics - How to get kids excited

Counting down to the Olympics is a fantastic way to get children involved in different types of exercise - which will stimulate both their imaginations and get them moving! Here are some of our top tips for getting children into the Olympic spirit and helping them to get the most out of imaginative play.

green grass
Record-Breaking 2,227 UK Parks and Green Spaces Honoured with 2024 Green Flag Awards

idverde, the UK’s leading provider of grounds maintenance and landscape creation is delighted to share that multiple parks across the UK that we manage on behalf of our esteemed clients have been awarded or retained the Green Flag Award.

bee on purple flower
Celebrating Insect Week with idverde this Spring

As we approach Insect Week, starting on the 24th of June, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past couple of months of idverde’s commitment to our buzzing friends.

Luke Blanchard
RSPB and idverde welcomes new Biodiversity Advisor at Bromley

Luke Blanchard, is the new idverde/RSPB Biodiversity Advisor based in the London Borough of Bromley. We thought we would get to know Luke a bit more by asking him a few questions.

greenery on building in the city
Ecology & Biodiversity
The Power of Green: Unveiling the Critical Importance of Greening Urban Spaces

As our world becomes increasingly urbanised, it is critical that urban spaces are greened to promote future security and well-being. Transforming concrete jungles into leafy green sanctuaries is no longer just an aesthetic preference; it is a crucial measure for the health of our cities and the people who live in them, and can even provide economic benefits.

Corsham gree space2
Revitalisation of Corsham open space by idverde and Wiltshire Council

In early 2023, idverde, in collaboration with Wiltshire Council, embarked on an ambitious project to revitalise a neglected expanse of open space located next to 106 Freestone Way, Corsham.

low shot of wildflowers
Ecology & Biodiversity
Why idverde supports Plantlife's No Mow May Campaign 2024: Embracing the wild for Biodiversity

Plantlife, a leading conservation charity dedicated to preserving wildflowers and their habitats, is launching its annual No Mow May campaign this coming month. This initiative encourages individuals and communities to let their lawns grow wild throughout the month of May, providing crucial habitats for pollinators and other wildlife.

Bird nesting season and hedgerows

In the UK, bird nesting season is a critical time for avian species to breed and raise their young. It typically begins in March, with National Nest Box Week marking the start of the season, and can extend into August. During this period, birds are actively seeking out safe and suitable places to construct their nests, lay eggs, and nurture their hatchlings.

The remarkable tree replacement at Abbots Lane Linear Park

In the heart of Coventry, idverde teams at Abbots Lane Linear Park, faced a unique challenge to replace a tree with huge complexity and scale.

Parliamentary praise for idverde and partners in Strathcarron Hospice’s tree recycling triumph

The hospice’s dedication and the community’s generosity were acknowledged by Michelle Thomson MSP, who expressed her delight in recognising Strathcarron Hospice’s efforts in the Scottish Parliament.

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