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Saltire Energy Caledona Cup idverde
Sports Surfacing
idverde's work for Saltire Energy Caledona Cup

idverde was delighted to be asked by Sport Aberdeen to carry out extensive sportsfield work to host this year’s Saltire Energy Caledonia Cup, the largest youth rugby competition in Scotland.

Important Habitats
Ecology & Biodiversity
Biodiversity Buzz | Important Habitats in the UK

Continuing our regular Biodiversity Buzz posts in partnership with the RSPB, we are taking a look at some of our most important habitats within the UK.

Save the frogs
Ecology & Biodiversity
Amphibian Surveys in Bromley | #SavetheFrogs

Each spring idverde and RSPB staff in partnership survey a number of sites to monitor the populations of amphibians present. The data from these surveys helps to inform local and national trends in population as well as inform management decisions of the habitats they reside. 

Meet the Volunteers of Bromley

As part of idverde’s partnership with the RSPB, our advisors work with local community volunteer groups that are focused on helping the environment. One area where this takes place is in Bromley, working with groups such as Friends Of Hayes Common and Bromley Countryside Volunteers.

Ecology & Biodiversity
Composting | #NationalGardeningMonth

April marks the start of National Garden Month, a great time to start prepping your soil and composting is an effective way to enrich it!

Brown hairstreak butterfly
Ecology & Biodiversity
Butterfly Conservation in Wormwood Scrubs

In December 2021, the Friends of Wormwood Scrubs organised an event with Butterfly Conservation to search for butterfly eggs on the young blackthorn adjacent to the wildlife hedge. To their excitement, they discovered a brown hairstreak egg – the first formal record of this elusive species on the site!

Signs of Spring Bingo
Ecology & Biodiversity
Biodiversity Buzz | Signs of Spring Interactive Bingo

Continuing our regular Biodiversity Buzz posts in partnership with the RSPB and with the arrival of spring, we have created a bingo card to use in your garden, local parks or forests. How many can you spot?

Reducing stress in the workplace
Reducing Stress in the Workplace Calendar | #StressAwarenessMonth

To help cope with stress in the workplace, we have put together a calendar of activities and techniques that you can try throughout the month of April.

Grounds Maintenance
A trip to Jephson Gardens

Jephson Gardens is one of the main parks and tourist attractions found in Leamington Spa and is a much-required open space that provides peace and tranquillity for the residents.

skills for success
CSR & Community Engagement
Skills for Success participants join idverde

Clanrye's Training for Success programme allows young people aged 16-22 with a recognised learning difficulty/disability  prepare for the world of work by providing training and employability support. We at idverde are happy to support the young students during their placements to help them gain on-site knowledge and skills to enhance their employability.

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