04 June 2021

World Green Roof Day

World Green Roof Day on the 6th of June is a day to celebrate the installation of green roofs across the world and bring awareness to the benefits they can bring to nature and surrounding areas. Lately, they have been used as a solution to break up grey surroundings, bringing vibrant green environments to city centres, making everyone happier, reducing stress and encouraging biodiversity into urban locations. Green roofs have multiple benefits for the environment and nature and are also a great air purifiers for highly polluted cities!

idverde has been creating green roofing solutions for several years. Our award winning green rooftop design at the grand 1920’s buildings in The Chocolate Quarter, near Bristol, was part of a rennovation project to maintain its landmark status. Part of this refurbishment included the construction of five new roof gardens on the first and second floor level. It was a testament to the team’s amazing work that the project was awarded a National Award in the Green Roof Installations and Roof Gardens category in the 2018 British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) Awards.

A green roof provides a biodiversity-friendly, outdoor space in urban environments. They are a creative, environmentally-friendly solution for a range of businesses, restaurants, hotels and residential projects. Our colleagues are on hand to provide advice and designs to suit different requirements and budgets. Find out more about our green roofs and living walls here.

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