24 November 2023

idverde celebrates National Tree Week 2023

Between the 25th November and 3rd December, we are supporting the UK’s largest national tree celebration, National Tree Week. Each year, the country’s conservation sector, environmental organisations, volunteer groups and tree-lovers come together to plant thousands of trees to mark the start of the tree planting season.

At idverde, we take pride in our environment, our people and work culture, and strive to make our services and practices more sustainable across all areas of the company.

This is why we are reflecting on the hidden value of trees. Understanding the value of our trees – both existing and newly planted – can help city planners and decision makers to calculate the environmental benefits provided by amenity trees over time. This includes their replacement value, and the different benefits of the right mitigations if trees need to be removed.

man in safety gear treating a tree
person surveying a tree

Identifying innovative ways to utilise trees is also something that organisations and local authorities can do to further increase the value trees provide. As well as providing enjoyable and environmentally sustainable green spaces for the public, trees can often be the solutions to more complex environmental issues.

For example, drainage systems for excess water. We recently worked with Manchester City Football Club to implement a tree planting scheme which actually doubled as a sustainable underground drainage system, soaking up excess water when required.  https://www.idverde.co.uk/news/manchester-city-arena-tree-planting-scheme/

trees at QEOP
trees on a bank

Another way trees can bring nature-based solutions is by helping urban planners and local authorities to deal with urban climate adaptation. Trees can help to cool the local air temperature and reduce flooding by intercepting rainfall. They also capture carbon dioxide emissions, lower air pollution, reduce water pollution from rainwater runoff, and help make cities more attractive.

All these facets contribute to the value of amenity trees which allows tree officers and other local authority officials to be better informed when setting and justifying planting and maintenance budgets.

This coming week, we will be celebrating the value of trees and highlighting the great arboriculture work taking places around the country. We’ll be showcasing how our teams are aiding a greener future by enhancing the benefits trees can provide to our public spaces and critically how to measure the value they bring. Visit our latest news to find out more information here: https://www.idverde.co.uk/latest-news/  and here: https://www.idverde.com/news-insights/the-hidden-value-of-trees/

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