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22 April 2024

Why idverde supports Plantlife’s No Mow May Campaign 2024: Embracing the wild for Biodiversity

Plantlife, a leading conservation charity dedicated to preserving wildflowers and their habitats, is launching its annual No Mow May campaign this coming month. This initiative encourages individuals and communities to let their lawns grow wild throughout the month of May, providing crucial habitats for pollinators and other wildlife.

The No Mow May campaign challenges the traditional notion of perfectly manicured lawns and promotes the beauty and benefits of allowing native wildflowers to flourish. By refraining from mowing for just one month, participants can witness the transformation of their lawns into vibrant meadows buzzing with life.


In support of Plantlife’s No Mow May campaign, idverde, Europe’s leading provider of green services, is stepping up to promote biodiversity in urban and rural landscapes. As stewards of public and private green spaces, idverde recognises the importance of sustainable landscaping practices that prioritise biodiversity and ecosystem health.


idverde aims to inspire individuals, communities, and businesses to embrace nature-friendly gardening practices and foster greater appreciation for the biodiversity that surrounds us.


Throughout No Mow May, our teams at idverde have partnered with RSPB biodiversity advisor, Kate McVay, who explains that Wormwood Scrubs designates all areas excluding sports pitches, play areas, and green gyms to remain uncut for the entirety of the month. This deliberate action aims to offer sustenance and safe havens for invertebrates.


idverde’s contract with Hammersmith and Fulham Council promotes the campaign by displaying posters in No Mow May sites locally, adorned with the Plantlife logo. Additionally, it’s worth noting that all of these designated sites are registered with Plantlife, further underlining the commitment to conservation and biodiversity.


Nicola Clarke, Community Engagement Officer at idverde, confirms our commitment to embracing No Mow May (NMM) and extending our efforts beyond in various parks and cemeteries in Northampton and Charnwood. These locations include; Abington Park, Abington Vale Park, Delapre Abbey, Eastfield Park, St Katherine’s Gardens (Town Centre), Billing Road Cemetery, Forest Road Green Belt and St Barts Churchyard.


With the team being hard at work, we’d love to encourage you to join Plantlife and idverde this May in letting your lawn go wild for No Mow May. Together, we can make a difference for pollinators and create healthier, more vibrant landscapes for generations to come.


For more information about Plantlife’s No Mow May campaign, visit https://www.plantlife.org.uk.

To learn about idverde’s commitment to biodiversity conservation, visit https://www.idverde.co.uk/.

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