We are thrilled to be maintaining part of ITV’s Coronation Street

By March 11, 2016 Grounds Maintenance, News

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Last month, The Landscape Group (TLG) was awarded a contract to maintain areas around ITV’s famous soap opera Coronation Street set.

In addition to the upkeep of Trafford Wharf Road, this initial one-year contract, starting with immediate effect, requires the maintenance of a small part of the set and increases the service provide by TLG in the Media City area.

The contract involves maintaining all the external areas around the and also the very important trees outside the famous Audrey’s Salon and the other is the large conifer in the rear garden of the Webster’s House.

TLG’s tasks for maintaining the internal and external areas will include:

  • Weed spray and hard standing
  • Weeding beds
  • Shrub cutting back
  • Trees lift lower branches
  • Top up bark mulch
  • Edging grass areas
  • Spring and Summer fertiliser
  • Grass cut and collect

In addition to these services, external areas TLG will also be responsible for :

  • Litter picking
  • Gravel areas hoe
  • Beech and Pyrancantha hedge cut
  • Climbers maintain height
  • Selective and cut grass crete

TLG’s Contract Manager, Martin Neighbour comments:

“We are hoping that working together we can improve the overall planting to site and to improve the aesthetics for visitors.   “This will be high profile, as to the visits made by the members of the public become a very important part to ITV showing the street and the set off”.

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