Edge lane


CLIENT: Liverpool Land Development Company
ARCHITECT: Scott Wilson, The Mouchel Group and 2020 Liverpool
VALUE: £4.8m
AWARDS: BALI National Landscape Award – Hard Landscaping – construction cost over £1.5 million


As the key strategic route into Liverpool, the Edge Lane Corridor connects the M62 motorway and the city centre. Having suffered dereliction and degeneration for many years, the Edge Lane Project was established, aiming to reverse the social and economic decline of the corridor, providing Liverpool with an entrance gateway fit for its purpose as the European Capital of Culture.


idverde was appointed by the Liverpool Land Development Company as one of two framework contractors undertaking a series of four key projects under this framework agreement, valued at £10 million.

Edge Lane Central 1 and 2
Edge Lane Central comprised of two phases focussing on highway and environmental improvements. Works began with extensive site clearance followed by the formation of improved pedestrian crossing facilities and 15,000m2 of footpath resurfacing and kerbing using concrete flags and granite sett paving. Resin bound gravel was set around existing and new trees, and a collection of semi-mature trees were planted.

Edge Lane Drive
The object of this phase was to transform an existing unattractive and congested road into an urban boulevard, improving the construction and appearance of the road with tree renewal and new planting.

The works commenced with the re-landscaping of the central reservation, finished with granite sett trims. The Drive benefitted from road resurfacing and the introduction of a new, safe pedestrian crossing facility, as well as new lighting and footpaths.

Paving flags manufactured from quarry waste provided granite appearance without the environmental impacts of using natural quarried stone. Additional soft landscaping included shrub planting, turfing and grass seeding, as well as the planting of over 100 semi-mature sustainable woodland trees.

Science Park

Works to the Science Park included extensive earthworks, 20,000 tonnes of top soiling and the installation of ducting and drainage. Raised lawn tables bound by granite step units and a bespoke lighting scheme formed a central feature for the park, whilst 5,000 meters of granite paving, bespoke street furniture, 50,000 shrubs and 200 semi-mature trees completed the hard and soft landscaping elements.


Whilst working on a live dual carriageway presented several challenges to the team, extensive collaboration and partnership with the client, architects and highways agency ensured that any issues were resolved efficiently and quickly.

Management throughout the Edge Lane project demonstrated that clients, designers and contractors can work collaboratively to deliver huge public improvements that can benefit multiple sectors and communities of the city.