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06 August 2021

West Gorton Community Park in Manchester wins Pineapple Award

The Pineapple Award was launched in 2019 in a partnership with Design Council. The award board seeks unique and thriving places that inspire and support communities surrounding the area while providing a green space to live, work, play, shop and learn.

idverde was the landscape construction contractor for the West Gorton Community Park project back in 2020 and brought a wide range of expertise in delivering the project to the public sector.

The landscape construction, commissioning and handover works comprised the creation of three main park areas, including installation of play areas, new pathways, sustainable drainage systems, seating areas, and boundary walls. crossing tables, footpaths, and traffic calming measures.

Various highways works were also required, including highway crossing tables, footpaths, and traffic calming measures. West Gorton Park was developed thanks to funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, part of the GrowGreen initiative. This European-wide scheme aims to aid climate resilience and bring social and health benefits through green infrastructure and nature-based solutions.

The new park is part of a 10-year regeneration programme in the area, which has also seen the creation of 100 new homes, numerous shops, offices, and even TV film studios.

Dubbed the “sponge park”, Gorton Park has been designed to help tackle the effects of climate change. Paths and hard surfaces are constructed of permeable paving to allow rainwater to percolate through to the ground. Ponds will soak up the water, with excess flowing into rain gardens. During periods of particularly wet weather, a network of channels will divert any water not absorbed by the soil and vegetation to irrigate plants in other areas.


The park has been awarded the Pineapple Award for innovation and sustainability.

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