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Mixto Hybrid Turf Installation and Drainage Improvements

Portsmouth Football Club
Portsmouth Football Club | 2019 |

Drainage and pitch improvements with the help of Mixto

Over the last few years, Portsmouth F.C. have been experiencing problems with the drainage and stability of their pitch. idverde contacted the club to discuss how Mixto hybrid turf could help improve their pitch.

The project

In April 2019, idverde was commissioned to improve the drainage system and also install a new Mixto surface.

  • The first action was to install gravel bands into the pitch at 250mm centres to enhance the underlying drainage system. This was completed using a Blec Vibra Sand Master.
  • The existing surface of the pitch was then removed using the Koro, making sure that all vegetative material was completely removed, leaving a flat surface free of any organic matter. All the work up to this point was carried out through extremely poor wet weather. This was a challenge in itself to make sure that we did not damage the underlying network of the pitch.
  • Around 250 tonnes of Rootzone was then spread onto the surface and brushed to improve any local levels and fill any depressions.
    A Mixto Hybrid carpet was then placed and positioned over the entire area, making sure that there were no gaps and that the carpet was lying flat to the surface of the pitch.
  • 550 tonnes of Mansfield Sand was then applied to the Mixto carpet and carefully brushed into the pile, ensuring the team didn’t move or distort the Mixto in any way. Standing the pile up while doing so ensured sure that the fibres in the Mixto were not trapped beneath the sand, but were at the surface where they are required.
  • On completion of the sand fill, the pitch was then seeded six-weeks before the first game to make sure that the pitch was ready for the game. Fertiliser applications were managed by Matt Frost and his team at Portsmouth F.C.

The results

Portsmouth F.C. played their first at-home game on the new pitch on 6th August 2019 and secured a resounding 3-0 win against Birmingham City – a great result for Portsmouth F.C. and Mixto!