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From brash to brunch

idverde’s North West team have found an innovative way to dispose of some of their green waste, helping Chester Zoo.

idverde’s North West team have an innovative way of recycling green waste generated from their grounds maintenance operations – by donating it to the animals at Chester Zoo!

Chester Zoo is the UK’s most popular zoo and the most visited attraction outside of London. As a conservation and education charity, they are committed to preventing extinction, and care for over 20,000 animals, including critically endangered species like the Eastern black rhino and Bornean orangutan.

Such a large number of animals require a lot of food. Many of the herbivores are fed on ‘browse’ or cut foliage and plant material, and idverde has supplied a variety of species including willow, oak, birch, and hawthorn to the zoo, where it has formed a part of the giraffes’ rhinos’ and elephants’ diets. The brash supplied is the result of idverde’s maintenance operations such as hedge trimming and would otherwise be disposed of via another green recycling route such as composting.

Chris Gee, Chester Zoo’s Animal Supplies Department Manager, said:

“We feed the browse out to all of the browsing animals here at the zoo. This is how they would eat in the wild and we try and reflect that as much as we can in the zoo, so donations of suitable material are very welcome. The favourite amongst most animals here is willow.”

Nicholas Rimmer, idverde Operations Manager, commented:

“We’re delighted to be able to support the great conservation work done by Chester Zoo by contributing brash to be used as food for the animals. It is certainly a talking point to be able to say that giraffes, rhinos, and elephants play a part in our waste management and recycling strategy!”