idverde was thrilled to be awarded the contract for improvements at National Trust heritage site and Grade I listed property, Dunham Massey. Works included construction of a new 900 space car park together with improved circulation and amenities.

The site required heavy earthworks, landscaping and surfacing to be carried out whilst maintaining sensitivity to the environment. The site posed challenges both as a heritage site and as one of the Trust’s busiest properties, with the public continuing to visit throughout the completion of works.
The designs and works for the scheme took into consideration various landscape sensitivities found at Dunham Massey. These included significant visual, archaeological and arboricultural features which could easily be threatened by development.
The works began with tree protection systems being added to the existing woodland and other works included:
• Stripping the top-soil and transferring to an alternative site location
• Reduced excavations
• Installation of drainage – road gullies connected into linear soakaways
• Stripping of the existing car park
• Installation of stone setts to demarcate the roadways and parking bays
• Tarmacing – finished with tar spray and chip treatment
• Installation of estate rail fencing and bike racks
• Installation of service ducting for future use
• The planting of 50 trees including Oak and Holly
• Seeding of wildflower areas

During this first phase idverde created two experimental areas for the testing of two types of grass guard, one of which will be selected for phase II.
Through careful use of Traffic Management and sectional completion of areas the team successfully managed to keep the house and garden open to the public with minimal disruption to their experience. We also coordinated with the National Trust for events, peak visiting times and holidays.
The work was successfully completed ahead of schedule and within budget.