Over the past decade, idverde UK has pioneered the delivery of combined ‘Clean and Green’ services to Local Authorities.

We have demonstrated that in combining grounds maintenance with street cleansing services, clients can leverage the cost synergies that arise from the provision of multi service contracts, without encountering the risks inherent in employing a non-specialist contractor on horticultural and landscapes maintenance services. We are therefore able to offer clients a truly best of both worlds solution in this regard.

Our Services - street cleansing 1An integrated Clean and Green service also has a number of other important benefits to clients. It is the intention of all local authorities to deliver a joined up service to its customers. idverde integrates its works planning so that features are maintained in a logical sequence, often on the same day. The propensity for a seemingly un-planned or un-integrated service leading to customer complaints is high. An example of this would be to get the planning and delivery of litter collection, grass cutting and street sweeping in the wrong order, which is often the case where these services are delivered by separate contractors.

A recent extension to the Clean and Green concept is to combine domestic waste collection with the clean and green services into one integrated service. idverde has entered into a strategic partnership with Biffa Waste Management Limited to offer this service which extends the concept of a best of both worlds solution. The partnership is being successfully delivered at our East Hampshire District Council and Winchester City Council. In arrangements such as these, clients receive all of the cost benefits of a large multi-service contract whilst at the same time ensuring that each individual element of the service is delivered by industry experts.


Our Services - street cleansing 2