Professional Services

idverde offers a holistic range of professional services to support the creation, maintenance and management of landscapes and greenspaces throughout the UK, working with both public and private sector clients to deliver bespoke solutions for each project’s unique challenges.

With a history dating back almost a century, idverde is one of the longest established specialist green service providers in the UK. Given our history, you may already know that we can build landscapes (over 100 BALI awards since 1991), and maintain landscapes (for >45 local authorities and housing associations, and numerous heritage parks).

To give some idea of scale, across our UK operations we cut 60,000,000 m2 of grass, prune 1,200,000 m2 of shrub beds, and maintain 600 football pitches, amongst many other services!

What you probably don’t know is that as we’ve grown, we have created a network of parks professionals that can help the public sector by providing some of the professional services that can no longer be resourced in-house.

In times of shrinking budgets, having a robust open space strategy and masterplan, green flag management plans and biodiversity action plans is even more important to focus on where to deploy limited resources. Yet as Councils fail to replace parks professionals in-house, and merge their roles with other environmental services, there’s a real danger that our precious parks and green spaces will receive even less attention from park managers at the very time they need it most.



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