Green Waste Services

The processing and re-use of green waste is a key consideration at all our sites. We aim to avoid transporting large quantities of lightweight green material around the country which then end up as large unsightly stockpiles.

We will shred material at the point of production directly into a vehicle where possible, or, where we have several teams working across a large geographical area the only option may be to bring the material back to one central site and stockpile it for future processing.

Processing large volumes of green waste is usually undertaken by a third party whose high output equipment can cause unnecessary noise, dust and general disruption. We have investigated several alternatives to this with the aim of adopting a more controlled ‘little and often’ approach. Where economic to do so, a site will have its own processing machinery, but as part of our in-house support network we have established a mobile facility which spreads the cost of expensive, specialist machinery across an operational region and ensures equipment is operated safely and efficiently by experienced operators.

Our Services - Green waste 1The remit for this service is to be fully transportable within the towing and carrying capacities of a 3500kg beavertail vehicle, to eliminate the need for an operators licence and associated driving licence requirements.

The equipment must be fully portable and able to start work within 30 minutes of its arrival on site. It must be able to operate in a variety of small sites including depots, parks, farms, zoos, allotments, cemeteries and sports grounds with the minimum of disturbance to local residents and members of the public.

A skilled operator, conversant in composting, manages all aspects of the service, with additional support when required from contract staff on site.

The 65hp trailed shredder has been specially adapted for mechanical loading. It uses an articulated mini loading shovel with telescopic boom and has the ability to operate a variety of attachments from a green waste grab to a ditching auger. Raw green waste up to 200mm diameter can be processed at a rate of 40m³ per hour, although this depends on the type of material being processed. Shredded material is then windrowed for optimum composting.

Our Services - Green waste 2During the composting process, windrows are monitored by contract staff using temperature probes, and turned with the tractor loaded when required to improve maturation.

Once the composting process has been completed, the mobile facility returns with a mobile trommel. The material is screened at rate of 10t per hour, depending on the size of the end product which can be from 10mm to 40mm.

Oversized material is returned to the composting process. Screened material can be used for a variety of applications including general compost, top dressing, shrub bed mulch and soil improver.

The aim of the facility is to provide a genuine closed loop recycling process which is fully portable and whilst being small scale, has a reasonably high output which can be used across a variety of small sites with the minimum of disturbance and disruption.