Fine Sports Turf Services

At idverde UK, we know that our customers’ enjoyment of sport is enhanced and participant numbers increased when the facilities and playing surfaces are prepared and maintained to the highest possible standards.

Our Services - Sports 02We have extensive experience of the maintenance of fine sports turf such as golf courses, bowling greens, cricket grounds and high standard football and rugby pitches, and are the UK supplier and installer of the innovative Mixto hybrid grass technology.

On behalf of Sport Aberdeen we care for four high quality golf courses. At The Regent’s Park, we maintain the largest public sports field in the UK which boasts 5 cricket pitches, 20 softball pitches, 4 touch rugby pitches, 12 mini football pitches, 8 adult football pitches, 3 rugby pitches and a lacrosse pitch.

Knowing that both preparation and presentation are essential to enhance the sportsperson’s enjoyment of sport, we are committed to ensuring that all the skills, people and equipment required to maintain fine sports turf are in place.

Our Services - Sports 01Our experience in constructing and maintaining sports facilities requires employing professional staff experienced in soil mechanics and nutrition. We carry out a wide range of mechanical maintenance including slitting, scarification and verti-draining.

Other operations include:

  • Setting out, initial marking and overmarking  sports pitches
  • Grass maintenance tailored to the sports surface playing requirements
  • End of season playing surface renovations
  • Pesticide application
  • Provision of sports attendants and cleaning of sports pavilions

In maintaining sports turf, idverde UK knows that that the quality of the surface is determined by the quality of staff, equipment and materials used. Our company is proud of its staff retention and development. Our employees benefit from close working relationships with their colleagues, exchanging knowledge and ideas in pursuit of improving their own facilities. Just like in sport, our staff want to be the best and compete against others for the accolade of being industry-leading. It is this determination to deliver a better service that has driven us to develop great relationships with key industry suppliers to utilise machinery and materials that are proven and cost effective but offer no compromise on quality or reliability.

Our Services - Sports 04In addition to maintaining sports surfaces, idverde UK provides services for the construction of sports pitches. We have an experienced team who have constructed both natural and synthetic surfaces for sport and have installed prestige projects involving artificial surfaces including cricket wickets and full sized football pitches. On other projects, we have undertaken improvement works to enhance playing surfaces and arenas by adding or enhancing features including:

  • Artificial and hybrid sports surface installation
  • Drainage improvement and repair
  • Installation of pop up automated irrigation systems
  • Grass bank stabilisation

In conclusion, idverde UK can offer advice and services in the following areas:

  • Construction of sports surfaces including natural grass and synthetic surfaces
  • Maintenance of all natural grass surfaces from golf courses to football pitches
  • Maintenance of natural grass surfaces which have fibre reinforcement
  • Maintenance of synthetic surfaces