10 May 2023

Manchester City Arena Tree Planting Scheme

Working together with our client, Manchester City Football club, the team at idverde created a pilot tree planting scheme which will provide multiple green benefits to the Etihad stadium.

The project started when MCFC approached idverde to discuss the potential to upgrade their green infrastructure around the stadium.

Previous endeavours had been made to initiate some tree planting works; however, all were met with limited success. To enhance the desired result of the works, MCFC provided idverde the criteria and budget required to meet their brief. From here the integrated team  worked closely with tree supplier, Hillers, and developed a comprehensive tree scoping matrix, which initially consisted of over 40 varieties of trees.

On an ongoing weekly basis, idverde refined, optimised and elevated the design through discussions to reach a final cut of evergreen trees which will provide greenery all year-round.

Once the initial list had been finalised, we invited MCFC to join us at the Hillers nursery to hand pick their favourite trees that they thought to work best on their site.

This allowed idverde to develop the underground supporting system consisting of a cellular grid structure, which closely resembled the structure idverde previously installed at Sauchiehall Street in Scotland.

In order to do this, our talented team of design experts carried out a detailed site survey to produce a 3D render that enabled the team and stakeholders to easily visualise how the final result should look.

The cells themselves and surrounding infrastructure have been designed to be SUDs enabled. This allows the trees to deal with surface water runoff and retain moisture in the cell structure to provide the perfect growing conditions, all whilst discharging surplus liquid into the existing drainage network.

This was all made possible by the collaboration and coordination of local utility companies, the local council and stakeholders associated with Etihad Stadium.

The full extent of the work implemented included:

  • Excavation and disposal of over 200 tonnes of material
  • Placing new hardcore and installation of positive SUDs drainage connection
  • Installing new cellular system
  • Construction of new tree pits
  • Installation of trees
  • Provision of bespoke tree grilles, custom made for these tree sizes and specification
  • New resin infill to tree grilles
  • Porous bituminous surfacing works

The 200 tonnes of excavated material was disposed using a local business, Kenny Waste Management, who have established a social enterprise to address inequalities that exist for those that are further let from meaningful employment. idverde believed this was a great opportunity to make them part of our team given our ongoing commitment to this type of activity.

We would like to give a special thanks to all the staff that made the project a great success:

  • Regional Managing Director – Stuart Dillett
  • Operations Director for the Works – Trevor Spence
  • Contracts Manager – Victor Watson
  • Design Manager – Patrick Hamill
  • Landscape Foreman – Ged Watson
  • Landscape Skilled Works – David Milligan and Dennis Gall

If you would like to find out more about how our services could benefit you, please contact us: https://www.idverde.co.uk/contact-us/

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