idverde Dorset retain their status as ARB Approved Contractors

By July 25, 2017 April 22nd, 2020 Arboriculture Articles, News

The idverde Dorset branch arboriculture team is pleased to have retained its status as ‘ARB Approved Contractor’ with the Arboricultural Association, following the scheduled re-inspection and audit of our tree teams’ working practices and methodologies, which takes place every four years.

The Arboricultural Association was formed 40 years ago to create a recognised framework of best practice within the industry, which is largely unregulated by the government, to ensure the safety of workers and provide reassurance of service quality and safety to the general public.

The ARB Approved Contractor scheme offers a recognised benchmark for arboricultural contracting throughout the UK and Ireland and is increasingly demanded by Local Authorities and other large commercial organisations. ARB Approved Contractor status is also of considerable benefit in the domestic sector as a quality mark assuring the client of good quality tree care undertaken safely and efficiently.

AA accreditation is undertaken every four years with an interim audit every 2 years. It is a two day audit, during which the ARB inspectors audit all aspects of work, across 4 Modules which include:

  1. Worksite Safety Inspection.
  2. Work Quality Inspections and Arboricultural Knowledge.
  3. Customer Care and Office Procedures.
  4. Health and Safety Management and Premises.

Peter Ellis, Tree Surgery Manager for idverde comments: “Our ARB Approved Contractor status is something that we are all very proud to have achieved and retained once more. It stands testament to the quality of our work, the efficiency of our management processes and the quality service we can offer to customers.  Well done to the whole team, as everyone played a part in retaining this accreditation.”

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