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Kilcooley Square Car Park, Plaza and Open Spaces, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Northern Ireland Housing Executive | 2020 |

Kilcooley Square Car Park, Plaza and Open Spaces

idverde were responsible for the design and construction of a new car park, plaza and open space area at Kilcooley Square in Bangor.

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The Project

The existing site conditions were poor and the area saw a lot of anti-social behaviour, with youths using the existing layout to gather and drink alcohol.

The solution idverde came up with was to demolish all existing walls surrounding the site, opening up the space, providing more light and helping to deter youths from gathering as now they could be seen by the local residents.

The Challenges

The main challenge was to ensure that movements to and from the local shops in Kilcooley were maintained at all times. This was done through a phased approach and phasing drawings were shown in local shops to alert members of the public of the pedestrian routes for the next week. Deliveries to all shops were maintained at all times.

Our Role

The scope of works at Kilcooley Square was as follows:

  • Demolition of all retaining walls to the internal facility
  • Removal of large planters
  • Demolition of retaining walls to improve sight lines
  • Removal of existing drainage network
  • Large cut and fill works to balance costs for the client
  • New asphalt pathways circa 400m linking the car park through the open spaces and into the development adjacent to the works
  • 120m of new retaining walls only 1m in height
  • New granite cobble setts at the entrance and exist to the car park
  • New cobble strips and link paths to delineate different parts of the site
  • Blister crossing points
  • Timber retaining sleeper feature entrance with bespoke signage
  • New formal plaza paving works including new trees
  • Aco channel drainage and planting works
  • New SMA car park surfacing works with Thermoplastic white lines
  • New seating areas and picnic benches
  • Shrub bed planting works
  • Turfing
  • Replacement of site drainage with new drainage works and alterations of existing manhole lids with new recessed lids

Before & After