02 March 2022

Why Choose Mixto? | #GroundsWeek

#GroundsWeek returns this week to celebrate the grounds care community. As a specialist in sports surfacing, idverde understands the importance of quality grounds care for the clubs and communities.

Sports brings with it many benefits; improving mental and physical wellbeing, fitness and building teamwork skills. It is enjoyed by people in all stages of their lives, so providing them with the perfect pitch for sporting activities is a key focus for idverde.

As part of our sports surfacing services, idverde offer Mixto, a cost-effective solution for clubs of all sizes.

What is Mixto?

idverde is the UK’s sole provider for Mixto, which is a blend of natural and artificial turf specifically designed to meet a variety of sports needs. It combines the benefits of the two to better promote the growth and development of the natural grass. More specifically, the Mixto system creates a bond between the synthetic fibres and natural grass, which is anchored to the special primary support system and creates a practical and hard-wearing surface.

This solution is great for popular sports such as football and rugby and is used at a variety of facilities and training grounds for football clubs such as Peterborough FC. Mixto doesn’t have to be just for sports fields – it can be used in golf, parks and open spaces where a hard-wearing grass surface is paramount.

What are the benefits?

Prevents waterlogging

Mixto provides better oxygenation, which helps to prevent muddy areas and waterlogging so that you can use the pitch all year round. Additionally, the natural grass is incredibly resistant and it will need less maintenance than if you were to have a fully natural surface.



The added strength from the artificial turf adds durability and increases playing time to around three times that of natural turf. The roots wrap around the backing of the carpet, adding strength and giving a fuller appearance to your turf.



Safety is also a concern when it comes to sports. With a poor surface comes poor slip resistance, and users could be more at risk of injury. Mixto provides stability, permeability and maximum safety for athletes.


No downtime

Once laid, Mixto can be used almost immediately depending on the method used. idverde can install from seed, where we would recommend not to use the pitch for seven to eight weeks, or by ‘Lay & Play Turf’, which can be used almost immediately – you don’t have to wait to play your favourite sports!


Repair and recycle

As it is a carpet-based hybrid, areas of the turf can be easily replaced or repaired without the need to dig out the existing pitch. It is also completely recyclable and can be harvested and transported from one stadium to another.

Mixto Q&A with Turf Care and idverde

Want to learn more about if Mixto is suitable for your needs? We asked a Project Manager ten questions on the product, with a number of questions coming from the Turf Care Blog community. Read more.

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