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18 October 2021

Painting a Rainbow at Tillingbourne Green

The sun came out and a rainbow emerged in the playground at Tillingbourne Green when Poverest Primary School contacted idverde to ask if they could include the playground in a school project to enhance the local community. After a productive meeting on-site with idverde’s Community Manager, Parks Development Manager and the Chairman of the Cray Forum, Poverest Primary School loved the idea of a colourful mural that the children could design and paint, as local children taking ownership of a playground can improve community cohesion and give a great sense of pride.

In preparation for the day, volunteers from The Cray Forum joined idverde to prepare the wall for the children to paint the mural. The day arrived, the sun came out and Poverest Primary School rose to the occasion. Over 20 children and their families worked for over 3 hours to create a bright and colourful mural that can be seen from all around Tillingbourne Green. The school will add flowers and bugs to the mural in the next school term. The project was a success and a great job done by all involved!

A massive thank you to Crown Paints for the discount and speedy service. Thanks also to Councillor Ellis and Councillor Hitchins for organising funding so quickly from Biggin Hill Airport. This was an example of the community working together at its’ best.

Find more information about idverde’s commitment to making a difference to local communities here.