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Long-term partnership with Curo Housing

idverde has been working in partnership with Curo Housing Group since November 2010, with the partnership set to continue until at least 2022

Our role

idverde has been working in partnership with Curo Housing Group since November 2010 after being awarded a contract for 5 years in 2010 following a tendering process against stiff competition. The contract included a two-year extension which was exercised by Curo Housing Group resulting in the contract running until 2017. Following the re-tendering process in 2017 we were delighted to be re-awarded the five-year contract, with a five-year extension option, which sees the contract continuing to 2022 and beyond.

At the start of the contract idverde completed a transfer of employees under TUPE and undertook a process of integration and cultural change. This was necessary to train existing staff to specifications to improve productivity, achieve excellent service delivery and increase customer care with the objective being for all resident queries to be dealt with directly by idverde.

idverde put in place a new management team who were more focused on delivering the service in the current competitive commercial atmosphere whilst being sympathetic to the needs of all Curo Housing Group residents. A significant investment in plant and equipment was also undertaken at start-up tailored to suit the needs of the contract and landscape.

The services being delivered across the Curo Housing Group is wide-ranging and includes:

  • Grass cutting
  • Planted area maintenance
  • Shrub and hedge maintenance
  • Hard surface weed control
  • Litter and leaf collection
  • Mechanical and hand sweeping of hard surfaces
  • Bulk refuse collections
  • Resident gardens scheme

idverde is committed to the environment as part of ISO14000 and has a dedicated green waste skip at the depot which is managed through a local specialist recycling company

Promoting sustainable communities

As part of the agreement to promote sustainable communities, idverde provides a proposal for reinvestment into the communities at the end of each anniversary of the contract which is always a percentage of the contract’s proceeding annual value. The management teams of both idverde and Curo Housing Group mutually agree the nature of this works-in-kind together with the locations and timescales for the investment.

idverde assists with the removal of approximately 2000 tonnes of bulk household and associated waste from bin rooms and Curo Housing Group land each year, which requires a dedicated bulk waste team.

Another requirement of this contract is the need for a dedicated team to be set up to deal with the client’s Garden Resident Scheme. As this scheme deals with mainly older residents it was important to carefully select operatives with a sympathetic yet commercially aware skills set.

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