Langley Country Park, Radleigh Homes

Radleigh Homes
Radleigh Homes | 2016 | Derby

Langley Country Park

Langley Country Park is a joint housing development between Radleigh Homes and Miller Homes.


Langley Country Park is a joint housing development between Radleigh Homes and Miller Homes. The project was part of phase one of a 56 home development in the north west side of Derby, designed to retain a country park theme that reflects aspects of the original landscape.

Our Role

idverde was selected due to their experience in surfacing sales areas for large housing projects of this kind, backed by previous collaborations with trusted partner Radleigh Homes. idverde was asked to design & install all site landscaping for 56 housing plots, a temporary sales cabin and a sales complex.

idverde offered their full suite of services, transforming the site entrance with the installation of attenuation ponds. The original brief specified landscaping for only the housing plots and sales areas and their teams went above and beyond the initial asking.

idverde designed the front and rear gardens of the sales complex plots and tailored them to translate into the interiors of the properties. The materials were selected accordingly; decorative blue gravel installed to accompany a nautical themed garden and timber wood sculptures to reflect a country themed home. This helped to define the gardens of the individual show homes,
providing design consistency and allowing them to be easily divided when sold. The area benefitted from an entrance feature to the development.

Operations ensured that all works were completed to deadline, providing multi-service discounts to the client. Through their in-house design capability and well qualified landscaping teams, idverde provided high impact designs and innovative planting and features that brought life to Langley Country Park.

Scope of Work

Our regional relationship manager offered a personal approach to the consultations, ensuring a client-focused and collaborative service was delivered.

Sales Cabin:

  • Design and installation of temporary sales
  • 13 linear metres of rustic block paver edging
  • 16m2 of decorative gravel
  • 28 ornamental plants

Pond Enhancements:

  • Design and installation of two ‘balancing
    ponds’ at site entrance
  • Planting of 34 ornamental trees
  • Installation of 4093 various wetland shrubs
  • 1200m2 of turf
  • 290m2 bark mulch
  • Planting of 1040 bulbs

Sales Complex and Housing Plots:

  • Landscaping for front and rear gardens of two
    adjacent sales complex plots
  • Premium grade turf
  • Mixed ornamental planting
  • Ornamental bark mulch
  • Stained softwood timber decking
  • Natural stone stepping stones
  • Decorative gravel
  • Rustic block paver edging
  • Round timber wood posts of various heights
  • Ivory metal garden bench
  • Mill stone feature
  • Design, installation and post-completion
    maintenance for the surfacing of 56 housing plots