Helping School Children to Get Growing

Pucklechurch Primary School
Pucklechurch Primary School | 2019 |

Helping school children learn and grow

idverde was pleased to help staff and pupils at Pucklechurch CEVC Primary School near Bristol with a school gardening project

Growing together

idverde’s Managing Director for the South West and Midlands, Danny Mitchell, was approached by a member of staff at the school for advice on transforming two grassed areas of approximately 40m2 in the school’s grounds. The school was seeking to create an area that pupils could watch develop, as well as attracting a variety of pollinating insects.

idverde was happy to help, and sourced a variety of bulbs and wildflower seeds that would provide a burst of colour, as well as being specially selected to provide habitat for a diverse selection of insects, including honey bees, scabious bees, and Duke of Burgundy butterflies. idverde’s team also visited the school to rotovate the two areas and prepare the soil ready for the school’s children to plant the bulbs and seeds.

The planting day was arranged for early November, and children from each of the school’s year groups joined idverde’s Danny Mitchell to learn about the different plant species they would be planting, with the help of a handy guide and quiz produced by idverde especially for the day. The team also brought in hand tools for the children to use.

Despite the slightly cold and muddy November conditions, the children had a great time learning how to plant the different kinds of bulbs and seeds, which included snowdrops, scabious, and cowslips. They are very excited to see how many of the pollinating insects they can spot when the areas start to flower in the spring.

Danny Mitchell said: “The planting and seeding was great fun and the children really enjoyed it. The information sheets worked really well, and all the children got top marks on the quiz. It’s fantastic to see so many potential gardeners and etymologists of the future here at Pucklechurch.”

Mr Ford from Pucklechurch CEVC Primary school, said: “I can’t wait to see the area develop and to see how the plants grown and what insects are attracted to them. A huge thank you to Danny Mitchell and his team who led the project.”