Broomhill Improvements, Greenock, Scotland

River Clyde Homes
River Clyde Homes | 2019 | Greenock

Environmental Improvements, Greenock

The works transformed the area into a bright welcoming public realm area with complementary new soft landscaping.


The Project

The project at Broomhill Shopping Centre involved the hard and soft landscaping at a local shopping precinct, including the main road to and areas around the precinct.

Our Role

Access to Precinct:

The scope of works at Broomhill included:

  • Removal of existing blacktop surface, regrading to the area to new levels to allow the installation of new stairs and Tobermore paving.
  • Cleaning and refurbishment of steps; removing existing mortar, lifting and realigning steps. The damaged wall of the steps was stripped down and rebuilt. Existing brick was cleaned and re-used where possible.  Sections of wall were done one at a time to protect insitu cope and railing.
  • A section of wall running from the precinct to the road (at the adjacent pub) was removed.
  • Existing concrete walls and ramps leading up to the precinct and around the perimeter of the adjacent pub were all power washed.
  • Replacement of access ramp and handrail.
  • Removal of 2 of the 8 gully pots and installation of aco-channel drainage


  • Breaking out concrete foundation of existing precinct, removal of brick walls, cutting down of railings, removal of vegetation, selected tree removal and protection of remaining trees.
  • Installation of public realm throughout the precinct and to the front pavement adjacent to the main road, following through to soft landscaped areas in front of housing.
  • Installation of new precast concrete seating areas around newly planted areas on the precinct.

Perimeter to precinct/ adjacent to new soft landscaped area:

  • Construction of new Tobermore paving on the main road in front of precinct.
  • Renewal of asphalt surfacing on the route from the precinct to adjacent residential housing.
  • Removal of concrete set beech pebble and removal of shrub planting to perimeter areas.
  • Renewal of turf and installation of trees down the side of the pub which is between the precinct and new soft landscaped area.
  • Wall repairs, rendering & painting.
  • Development of mound on previous grass area.
  • Installation of signage.


Before and After