17 November 2023

idverde is celebrating six years of partnership with RSPB

For the past six years, idverde has been working in close partnership with the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) to create significant nature conservation achievements across the country.

This partnership brings together the commercial breadth of idverde and the specialist knowledge of the RSPB, which has improved habitats for the species that are critical to our survival and brought businesses and public organisations into direct contact with their local environment.

The partnership covers projects all over the country, with the longest standing project in Bromley. Jonathan Lynch, Biodiversity Advisor in Bromley said, “The RSPB/idverde partnership started in Bromley in 2017 and has proven invaluable over the past six years. The management of over 100 protected sites falls on idverde within the borough, and the RSPB are an essential part of this, providing expert ecological and policy advice at every stage”.

Netty Ribeaux, RSPB Senior Business Conservation Advisor, commented, “This partnership has given us opportunities to work in Bromley, Wormwood Scrubs, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Midlands and Northern Ireland. It allows us to deliver real species-led conservation in new areas and engage communities and people that we wouldn’t reach alone. Happy anniversary to the RSPB idverde partnership and let’s carry on the good work”.

This year, idverde’s teams have been working with the RSPB’s biodiversity advisors all over the country to build habitats and boxes for the beautiful Swift, a species of bird that was red listed in 2021. Almost 60% of the Swift population has vanished in the last 25 years.

In addition, this summer, two rare orchids were discovered. A Lizard Orchid was spotted growing on one of the wild verges near Chelsfield, and a Green-Winged Orchid was found in a churchyard in the West Midlands.

Other highlights of the year included bat box building, bat, moth and breeding bird surveys, Butterfly Conservations Big Butterfly Count, Bees Needs Week, scything, seed collections, conferences and awareness events.


volunteers scything

Breeding bird survey. Pair on Linnet breeding next to the London Aquatic Centre
Black Mining Bee

Recently, the RSPB hosted an enlightening inspirational event, with members of both organisations delivering inspiring and motivational talks on the challenges facing nature today and how the partnership can better work together to realise its full potential in supporting biodiversity.

Beccy Speight, RSPB CEO, said, “The latest State of Nature report shows that much of the wildlife in the UK and its overseas territories continues to be in serious trouble. But there is reason for hope in that we’ve never had a better understanding of the state of nature and what is needed to fix it.

And that’s why I’m so very proud of our partnership with idverde as over the past six years, it has shown that businesses can and do make a real difference to nature.

Whether for sites in London, the Midlands or Northern Ireland, our teams have tirelessly worked to use best practice species-led conservation techniques that improve the way urban landscapes are managed better for nature. This has led to the creation and management of some precious landscapes that provide great habitats for threatened birds and wildlife and the communities that can enjoy them!”.

The partnership has had a direct impact on people, communities, and the way they work. The partnership has already gained so much from this partnership and is looking forward to continuing its work with the RSPB, helping to promote its nature-based solutions approach across all of its future projects.


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