23 April 2021

Plantscape Launches New Bee Friendly Range

Plantscape have been working hard behind the scenes to help bring floral displays to your streets, that work to boost the biodiversity of the area and increase the presence of nature in urban areas.

The government have recently set out a 10 year plan to help pollinating insects survive and thrive.

Pollinating insects include many different species of bees and other insects such as hoverflies, beetles, flies, butterflies and moths.

Plantscape’s bee-friendly range of planters includes nectar and pollen-rich plants which promote bee welfare by promoting their food chain with the help of bee-friendly plants.

What nectar rich plants can you expect to see?


Benefits of Plantscape’s Bee Friendly Planters:

  • The planters will help to boost biodiversity in the local area
  • The bee population will benefit from pollinator plants especially in urban areas
  • Boost air quality in the area
  • Provide food and habitats for wildlife.
  • Increase the number of pollinators/ invertebrates and birds to an area.

The bee friendly range will be available on a first come, first served basis. So make sure you pre-order today to avoid disappointment.

Contact Plantscape to order yours here.

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