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08 September 2023

idverde holds one-year presentations for L2 Horticulture apprentices

On the 30th August, idverde held a one-year presentations day at the head office in Coventry for its apprentices; whereby they presented to their managers, the learning and development team and Kristian Lennard, Chief Executive Officer.

The apprentices spoke of their experiences to date about being on the apprenticeship for L2 Horticulture, which most learners started in June 2022, with 2 from Telford starting March 2022.

The day started with an ice-breaker, where all learners were asked to offer 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves – the person(s) who guessed the most lies received a prize, a book, Royal Horticultural Society Gardening through the Year. Jared Mason from Kensington and Chelsea and Thomas Price from Telford walked away with a book each.

Jared commented: ‘At the start of the day I was really nervous about my presentation. I feel like I’ve gained some confidence in myself, I am glad I attended, I really enjoyed it.’


Thomas said: ‘Hearing the other apprentices talk about their experiences and also hearing Kristian’s excitement when talking about idverde was very inspirational and has me excited about the future.’

Apprentice Arthur Mitchell from Hammersmith and Fulham said: ‘The day was superb and I felt good about how I had developed and was able to talk to people I hadn’t met before.’

Along with Jared, Thomas and Arthur, presentations were also given by Jamie Groves from Telford, Alec Kelly and Darryl Goodayle from Bournemouth, David Morris from Teignbridge, Aaron Hall and Michael Archetta from Hammersmith & Fulham.

Tom Jeneson from Bournemouth added ‘It was nice being shown around head office and I appreciated the hospitality. It was a really positive experience.’

Elaine Callaghan, Head of Learning and Development at idverde, said: ‘I really enjoy these events, seeing how our colleagues have progressed on their apprenticeship and hearing about all the good work that they do, as they apply their learning to the day jobs. They should be really proud of what they do for idverde and also for sharing their journeys to date on the apprenticeship, standing up and talking in front of people is not easy to do, but they all did it. We even had an OFSTED inspector present, who was impressed with the day too. Thank you to Damon & John who support our colleagues and encourage them to take part in these events. I am looking forward to hearing more about these colleagues as they progress their careers within idverde.’

Learning and Development Specialist Damon Lee added: ‘During the presentation preparation and in the morning seeing all the scared faces and then seeing them shine during their presentations was encouraging for the future of the up and coming talent we have within idverde. It was a wonderful day and all should be extremely proud of what they have achieved.’

John Langston, Learning and Development Specialist commented ‘It was great to see the learners’ presentations with all the hard work they have put in and knowledge they have gained over the course. It was good for them to see each other’s journey, including the struggles that they have had to overcome to reach their achievements. It was interesting to see where they were at the start and where they are now, with some impressive stories of determination.’

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