06 October 2020

idverde Group Has Joined Forces With Oknygaard

OKNygaard is idverde group’s second acquisition in Denmark, following the acquisition of Malmos at the end of 2019.

OKNygaard and Malmos together will constitute idverde’s platform in Denmark, with an annual turnover of DKK 800 million. With the combined expertise of both companies, idverde can offer a full range of services in landscape creation and maintenance, both in and on the ground, and even above it, with its expertise on roof-top projects.

‘As of today, OKNygaard is part of idverde, Europe’s largest landscaping group. With this move OKNygaard and Malmos constitute idverde Denmark, now the leading landscape gardener in Denmark,’ says Hervé Lançon, CEO of the idverde group.

Ole Kjærgaard, CEO of OKNygaard, is pleased with the sale and perceives it as the next logical step in creating a landscape gardening group that can match the market and its demands. The company will be a strong green partner in landscape creation and a professional partner in maintenance. Customers will get access to idverde’s combined knowledge and thus can draw on expertise from five different countries. Employees will experience new opportunities thanks to idverde’s internal training programmes and new international career paths.

‘OKNygaard is a strong nationwide landscape gardener with good relationships with the local market. It plays into our strategy of becoming the leading landscape gardener in Denmark,’ says Morten Dohrmann, Chief Executive Officer of idverde Denmark. ‘It is very important to maintain OKNygaard’s powerful brand and local anchoring, while we complement the specialist knowledge that exists in Malmos.’

OKNygaard and idverde agree that landscapes, green maintenance, eco-friendly cities, biodiversity, green roofs etc. constitute the main ingredient in the vision of creating a greener and more eco-friendly Denmark.

‘There are countless requirements for today’s climate solutions and green urban spaces. We see major potential in total economic solutions, where creation and maintenance are combined when initiating the project,’ states Ole Kjærgaard, CEO in OKNygaard.

OKNygaard was established through a merger seven years ago, and is today a landscaping business, which is equally local and nationwide.

‘As one of very few in this industry, we are working locally, while also being able to handle nationwide arrangements, such as DSB and Ørsted. With Malmos as our sister company, we can offer all types of landscape creation – not just under, in or above ground, but also on walls and roofs. And of course, we are able to provide the necessary care and maintenance. Our goal remains the same – to provide the full package – locally and nationwide,’ states Ole Kjærgaard, when asked about the future of OKNygaard.

With this acquisition, idverde completes its European geographic coverage. The company is held by Core Equity Holdings alongside its main managers. With this acquisition idverde, will earn more than 800 million euros in sales across five countries, and has 7,500 employees who are experts in their fields.

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