03 March 2021

idverde Donates Bug Hotels To Greening The Green Project

Three insect eco-hotels donated by idverde have kicked off a project to improve the biodiversity of a village green in Brompton Regis on Exmoor.

The Greening of the Green project was conceived during lockdown and plans have been put in place to spend this year creating a space that brings in a wider range of wildlife, from bug hotels and nesting boxes, to a wild flower area and a pond for frogs and to provide water for birds and hedgehogs.

The aim of the project is, in part, to encourage a greater interest in the green from the next generation, and it is hoped that, when possible, a local school will become linked to the project.

Chairman of the charity that owns the village green, Charles Stewart-Smith, said: “We are so grateful to idverde for this generous donation. Within hours of putting them up, I had several people comment, with smiles on their faces, how welcome they were and how excited this made them feel about the whole project.”

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