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13 January 2020

idverde And RSPB Deliver First Joint Biodiversity Conference

On Tuesday 3rd December, RSPB the UK’s largest nature conservation charity joined forces with the UK’s leading green service provider, idverde, to hold a thought-provoking conference at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to discuss building biodiversity and climate resilience into urban greenspaces.

The event saw professionals from a range of industries come together to share practical and affordable solutions to communicate what is already possible and discuss what new innovations the landscaping industry can develop to address biodiversity loss and climate change.

As climate change worsens, businesses, governments, and communities are being encouraged to work together to improve urban greenspaces. Over the last three years, idverde and RSPB have worked in partnership to establish an inspiring collaboration to reduce the impact of corporate activity on the natural world. This has been considered in all of idverde’s projects which have shown a proven success in the regeneration of landscapes in urban areas.

With plans for 1.5 million new UK homes by 2022, one of the guest speakers, Helen Nyul the Group Biodiversity Manager for Barratt Developments PLC, introduced the business case for integrating biodiversity into developments. Barratt Developments has also recently renewed their partnership with the RSPB to set a new benchmark for nature-friendly housing developments and educate the landscaping industry what is possible.

Sarah Hughes-Clarke, Strategic Business Development Director at idverde UK, took to the stage to explain why a leading landscaping contractor and the UK’s largest nature conservation body have partnered, and explained what has been achieved through enthusing local communities. Here’s what Sarah had to say about the event, “This was a very uplifting day, and I am so grateful to all those who came to speak, listen and participate. In spite of the massive challenges we face, it’s clear that there is plenty we CAN do in our wonderful industry. We must continue to keep biodiversity and climate resilience high on the agenda, and keep persuading clients and stakeholders that solutions are both practical and affordable. Huge thanks to the RSPB events team for their sterling work, couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s make this an annual event in our partnership!”

Beccy Speight, Chief Executive at RSPB, said: “Through our partnerships with idverde UK and Barratt Developments PLC, we have a remarkable opportunity to ensure that we are giving a home to nature, while helping residents benefit from access to green spaces and wonderful life pleasures such as birdsong. It is vital that we continue to see climate resilience alongside wildlife protection as key considerations within the industry, and with so many realistic natural climate solutions, partnerships such as ours will help ensure that we can live in harmony with the wildlife around us and actively benefit ourselves.”

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