06 November 2020

idverde Advice present during Naturally 2020

The Naturally 2020 conference will take place on 19 November. The conference for nature-inclusive construction. Fortunately, we see that there is more and more attention for nature-inclusive construction in the broadest sense of the word in visions, policy and practice. Support and knowledge are increasing, at the same time, greenery too often remains a bottom line. After thinking, it is now time for action, time for action, time for greenery and nature as a matter of course in the physical living environment.

This will be fleshed out on 19 November in a varied online program around three pillars:
1. The first pillar deals with the need for integrated thinking and acting. Only with an integrated view of ecosystems does greenery contribute to a structural and sustainable connection between nature and living, working and health.
2. Value is central in the second pillar: why are we doing it, what are the benefits and for whom?
3. Action is central in the third pillar: inspiring examples, lessons learned, successful citizens’ initiatives, innovations, tools and more.

Presentation of Lars Tamboer during Natural 2020: The manager's crystal ball

Management is foresight, but the manager does not have a crystal ball either. What does it take to reach your goal in 3, 5 or even 10 years? If we look back in time 10 years, we see a completely different world. After all, we cannot foresee that. But how do we achieve that objective of nature development, biodiversity or a biotope suitable for target species? In this session some experiences from the past and possible steering instruments that can be used to formulate the objective now will follow. But also the way in which we can remain flexible in the coming years and thus anticipate the actual development.

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