25 January 2021

Greenery vital for climate adaptation

The Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021) will take place in the Netherlands on 25 and 26 January. A digital international climate summit with numerous world leaders who focus on finding solutions against climate change. Because the climate is changing and we notice that in different ways. Consider, for example, enormous rain showers that lead to flooding, but also very hot and dry periods with all the consequences that entails. Worldwide there are all kinds of projects to limit the consequences of climate change. There are also many initiatives at national, regional and local level.

Practical examples of idverde

Greenery plays a very important role in climate adaptation. For example, greenery has a cooling effect during extreme heat (heat stress), greenery helps prevent waterlogging, greenery improves air quality and much more. As a specialist in green outdoor space, our projects, from the design of green-blue schoolyards to the construction of wadis and roof gardens, make a daily contribution to a sustainable and climate-proof living environment for all of us.

Case study 1: Tiny Forest

A Tiny Forest is a native mini forest that is about the size of a tennis court. A Tiny Forest is often located in the middle of a residential area and offers many advantages. For example, a Tiny Forest increases biodiversity and water storage capacity, improves air quality and counteracts heat stress. The mini forests are extremely popular and together with IVN we have already been able to prepare many Tiny Forest projects ( i dverde Advies) and realize ( i dverde Realization), including the 100th Tiny Forest in the Netherlands and the first on a company site.

Een Tiny Forest in Weert
Een Tiny Forest in Weert
Een elektrische bus van de vestiging Bruinisse
Een elektrische bus van de vestiging Bruinisse

Practical example 2: electric commercial vehicles

Sustainability and therefore the climate also play a very important role in our business operations. As described in our fourth guarantee, our actions are always aimed at achieving sustainable and future-oriented solutions. An example of this is the use of energy-efficient and electric company cars. For example, our branch in Bruinisse has various electric buses. These are used in, among other places, the port of Rotterdam, where i dverde Realisatie maintains the greenery in the public space.

Practical example 3: i-Tree

Trees are indispensable for all of us. They collect large amounts of water, improve air quality and are essential for a healthy living environment. But what are the exact green benefits of trees? How can we adapt tree management and thus make optimal use of the value of trees? These questions can be answered with the help of the software program i-Tree. Our tree technical advisers are happy to think along with you about how you can optimize the value of your trees.

Practical example 4: Guide Nature Roofs

Natural roofs are roofs where strengthening (local) nature and biodiversity is central. But nature roofs can do a lot more. For example, they help prevent our cities and villages from heating up. The Nature Roofs Guide has been compiled by the Werkspoor Biodiversity within the Green Deal Green Roofs, in which our experts Wilco van Heerewaarden and Tom Zeegers were the authors of this guide. The focus is on promoting biodiversity on green roofs. The guide is practical and accessible to every initiator of a green roof with biodiversity. The guide can be used for a wide target group: from private individuals, companies, policy officers and government plant assessors to contractors who realize green roofs.

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