01 April 2021

Biodiversity Champions scheme launched in Bromley

The increasing pressures put upon biodiversity through factors such urbanisation, climate change, habitat loss to name a few are driving steep declines in many previously common species. Britain’s favourite mammal, the hedgehog, is now formally recognised as being vulnerable to extinction, common toads, frogs, house sparrows are all examples of species which declining rapidly as well as widespread collapse of pollinator populations. However, research by the University of Bristol in 2019 found that in urban areas, like Bromley, allotments can be biodiversity hotspots, particularly for pollinators. This is why London Borough of Bromley’s partner idverde have decided to launch a five-year programme to support Bromley’s allotment holders by training “Biodiversity Champions” for allotments managed by Bromley Allotments & Leisure Gardens Limited (BALGL).

idverde is responsible for managing London Borough of Bromley’s parks and open spaces. This includes a role supporting Bromley Allotments & Leisure Gardens Limited in their management of the Borough’s 52 allotments. In 2021 idverde will launch the idverde Bromley Biodiversity Action Plan (iBBAP) which lays out a five-year plan of actions to improve biodiversity and its management in the Borough’s parks and open spaces. As part of this initiative, we are delighted to launch the idverde Bromley Biodiversity Champion programme for allotments.

The aim of this programme is:

  • Provide training in managing allotments for biodiversity to Bromley allotment holders
  • Support individual allotment holders to become a “Biodiversity Champion” for their allotment
  • Support allotment associations with running biodiversity surveys on their allotment sites, beginning with hedgehogs in 2021.

idverde Conservation & Education Manager John Pemberton: “Bromley is a special place for biodiversity in London. As the greenest Borough we often focus on our wonderful woodlands, parks and meadows. However, allotments are a critical part of the urban landscape for biodiversity. We have been delighted with the level of interest from allotment holders in improving biodiversity friendly measures on their allotments and with the continued rise in interest in the principles of wildlife gardening in the UK we anticipate that over the next 5 years we will be able to support BALGL members to make Bromley’s allotments some of the most biodiverse in London.”

For more information on the programme please visit www.bromleyparks.co.uk/our-services/allotments/

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