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Corporate volunteering

Nature-based solutions that support your approach to ESG and beyond

Stakeholders are demanding that companies take ESG seriously. And they are right. At idverde, we work with businesses to design nature-based corporate volunteering programmes that have a measurable impact on your people and your local spaces.

Nature-based ESG in action

We work with a large organisation to help them get more from their volunteering days. We encourage their teams to become genuinely interested in the species that share their environment and to learn new skills and knowledge about the areas they live in. Our programmes go further than tree planting or rubbish collection. They result in meaningful outcomes and establish a baseline for further actions and improvements to bring meaningful results.

A recent programme for a multi-national beverage manufacturer, based in Scotland, included:

  • Establishing a ‘biodiversity base level’ against which future investigations can be measured
  • Encouraged team building and competition to find and identify species
  • Moth traps to analyse the variety of moths living on the business’s site
  • Organised bat walk
  • A ‘netting’ session in planted areas to discover – and note – what was found
corporate volunteering team
corporate volunteering

Our programmes  demonstrate what can be done when we engage people with the nature on their doorsteps. Not only are they going above and beyond the standard ESG expectations, they are actively making a positive difference to the local spaces and communities around them.

What does this mean for you?

Companies we design corporate volunteering days for tell us they result in:

  • A demonstrable commitment to your ESG principles
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Pride in ongoing programmes that positively impact communities
  • New skills and team building which positively impact day to day business practices

Why not get in touch to see how we could work together?

corporate volunteering

How can we help?

idverde specialises in designing and delivering ongoing corporate volunteering that drives lasting change. We ensure your volunteer events are meaningful, rewarding for your people and produce useful information that drives a longer-term action plan to deliver sustainable results. This commitment to a significant programme, rather than ‘one-off’ volunteering days gives your business and your people purpose, and helps you to have a demonstrable impact on your local community.

Our programmes are individually designed for each organisation and include:

  • Assessment of current and future volunteering opportunities
  • Alignment with known biodiversity or sustainability issues in your local area
  • Design of useful, engaging events that add value to the wider community
  • Connection with other specialist groups to help staff important projects
  • Plans to get the most value from volunteering days – for your business, people and communities
How can we Help

Benefits of social volunteering

Making regular volunteering part of your organisation’s culture brings a wide range of benefits. According to Volunteering Works, adding volunteering to your organisation delivers:

  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Better staff retention
  • Positive recruitment uplift
  • Clear commitment to ESG


And it adds: “Some employers take it further by engaging in projects which combine tangible community impact with personal development in leadership, project management, communication, and team building. To be invested in is a powerful means to add to an employee’s sense of belonging and wellbeing. Feedback from volunteers shows that this permeates into increased positive feelings about the employer, colleagues, and sense of self in their workplace.”


Talk to our dedicated ESG Volunteering team today to see how we can build a programme that delivers sustainable change for you, your people and your local communities.

corporate volunteering