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Central Swindon North Parish Council

Central Swindon North Parish Council


Central Swindon North Parish Council was established by Swindon Borough Council in November 2016 and covers the areas of Even Swindon, Rodbourne, Rodbourne Cheney, Moredon, Gorse Hill, Pinehurst and Penhill.

idverde has been working in partnership with the Parish Council since July 2020 when the company was awarded the contract to provide grounds maintenance and street cleansing services.

Services provided

The services delivered by idverde across the Central Swindon North Parish Council Street Scene contract are wide-ranging and include:

  • Litter picking
  • Barrow operatives
  • Pavement sweeping
  • Clearance of minor fly-tipping
  • Graffiti removal
  • Weed control
  • Leaf clearance
  • Amenity footpaths, streetscene assets
  • Street and amenity furniture
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Grass maintenance
  • Shrub and herbaceous maintenance
  • Hedges
  • Sports pitches and facilities
  • Arboricultural services
  • Play areas, multiple-use games areas (MUGA), and skate park inspection and maintenance

For this contract we have re-structured our management team to focus on delivering the services in the most efficient and effective way whilst being sympathetic to the needs of all residents in Central Swindon North Parish

We currently run our operational Depot in Ravenseft Park, Cheney Manor, Swindon and our office is manned by the local management team with many years’ experience working within Local Government contract services

We also have vast experience of landscape construction one-off projects, specialist requirements, grounds maintenance, sports pitches, wildlife and biodiversity areas, and arboriculture works and inspections.

The management team has dedicated email accounts and the office has a 24/7 answering service when not staffed. (Office hours 08.30am – 16.30pm Monday – Friday)

All our teams are headed by permanent members of staff who have many years’ experience of the areas they cover, and by keeping staff rotation to a minimum our teams are encouraged to take ownership of their rounds. All staff are appropriately trained within their specialist disciplines and undergo annual development reviews which gives the opportunity for feedback from both sides and ensures that our programme of staff training is tailored correctly.

We aim to provide a reliable, consistent service ensuring all areas are well maintained and presented at all times. Safe and professional working practice with a friendly, considerate approach towards the general public. Regular constructive and collaborative communication with Central Swindon North Parish Council staff and commitment to the process of continuous improvement of the service.

As part of this we meet regularly to review progress and performance against the specification and standards set out in the contract

Maintenance rounds

idverde’s maintenance rounds are set up to ensure we carry out the streets and grounds maintenance services in accordance with the specifications below. Fluctuating weather conditions can change the way we need to approach the grass cutting cycle, but on average, we will complete each cycle within a calendar month between March and October. If weather prevents work on the scheduled date we will catch up within 7 to 10 days of the weather returning to normal.

Grass cutting

  • High Amenity Grass – cut 12 times per year to a height of 13mm – 20mm
  • Parks Amenity Grass – cut 10 times per year to height of 30mm – 60mm
  • General Amenity Grass – cut 10 times per year to a height of 45mm – 75mm
  • Rough Grass – cut 2 times per year to height of 50mm – 85mm
  • Meadow Grass – cut once per year to height of 40mm


Hedges will be pruned in accordance with species once per year between August and November

Shrub beds

Maintenance will be carried out on shrubs to ensure their continued health and to prevent encroachment onto rights of way. The frequency of works may vary depending on location and species of shrub.

Further information on how often you can expect to see our teams carrying out these tasks is provided below, or you can see when we’re next due in your area using the menu system below. The dates shown are the week commencing dates when our team is scheduled to visit your area, so the actual operation could take place on any day during that week.


Please note: The weather can have a significant impact on the schedule. For example, if it has been very wet it may be necessary to postpone scheduled activities such as grass cutting to avoid damage to the ground.


Contact Us

Unit 4
Ravenseft Park
Cheney Manor Industrial Estate
Cheney Manor

Email: CSNPC@idverde.co.uk