idverde carries out a range of services on behalf of Central Swindon North Parish Council including

  • Grass cutting
  • Shrub maintenance
  • Hedge maintenance
  • Play areas
  • Street cleansing, including sweeping, litter picking, and bin emptying.

Further information on how often you can expect to see our teams carrying out these tasks is provided below, or you can see when we’re next due in your area using the menu system below.

Please note: The weather can have significant impact on the schedule. For example, if it has been very wet it may be necessary to postpone scheduled activities such as grass cutting to avoid damage to the ground.

Grass cutting

  • High Amenity Grass – cut 12 times per year to a height of 13mm – 20mm
  • Parks Amenity Grass – cut 10 times per year to height of 30mm – 60mm
  • General Amenity Grass – cut 10 times per year to a height of 45mm – 75mm
  • Rough Grass – cut 2 times per year to height of 50mm – 85mm
  • Meadow Grass – cut once per year to height of 40mm


Hedges will be pruned in accordance with species once per year between August and November

Shrub beds

Maintenance will be carried out on shrubs to ensure their continued health and to prevent encroachment onto rights of way. The frequency of works may vary depending on location and species of shrub.