05 February 2020

Win-win through green

We all know the added value of greenery. Yet it is often other interests that are preferred and ensure that our environment becomes more petrified rather than greener. We actually think a green front garden is more beautiful than stones, but it is often the convenience that makes people decide to petrify.

The farmer also knows that the ecology of the soil is valuable, but there are still fears of loss of income when hearing ‘nature-inclusive’ agriculture. And to top it all off, economic interests are often major motives, especially among politicians, to asphalt, to petrify and to further increase the pressure on green spaces.

The many advantages of a green environment

But it doesn’t have to bite at all. On the contrary; it is often a matter of becoming aware of the importance of greenery and of seeing and understanding the many added value. After all, the added value is enormous. Not only is more and “smart” greenery crucial to halt the decline of biodiversity, but it is also very important for improving public health. And certainly with the current climate situation, more green is the solution to many problems. The climate is changing, that is a fact and so we cannot avoid adapting to it; the climate adaptation. After all, plants capture CO₂. More greenery in urban areas prevents heat stress and improves water management. Smart use of greenery in the countryside and nature areas is also good for water management. Good for both drought and wet periods. And last but not least, a green environment makes Limburg more attractive as a business climate for residents and businesses alike. It invites to recreation and exercise, which in turn is good for health. So green is also good for our economy!

A green future

It is a challenge for me not only to make parties aware of the added value of greenery, but also to find smart combinations and actually achieve realization. With an integrated view and with an eye for the various interests, I like to look for win-win solutions, with broad commitment.

What I find interesting about BTL Advies is that there is a versatility of expertise available with which a contribution can be made to the greening task from A to Z, in large and small, simple and complex projects. And this starts with drawing up plans in such a way that they are actually feasible, and not just sound fun. What I also really like is the expertise within BTL to be able to perform specific calculations in relation to biodiversity and CO₂ storage, and the very specific plant knowledge with which optimal solutions can be provided. In this way, the assignments can be quantified and qualified.

My personal mission

After my experiences within social organizations on the one hand and as an administrative advisor at the Province of Limburg on the other, I started as branch manager of BTL Advies Limburg since the beginning of January of this year. It is my personal mission, together with the team of passionate professionals, to position the company even better as the reliable and professional organization that actually contributes to making our society greener.