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16 May 2023

Biodiversity in Telford How idverde & RSPB Volunteers are Leading the Charge in the Nature Positive Battle

Biodiversity is critical and so are the volunteers that help make it happen. Volunteers take action in Nature Positive projects creating greener spaces.

Over the last few years idverde and the RSPB have worked together in harmony to deliver successful Nature Positive projects creating greener urban spaces. The projects have benefitted enormously from the locals’ expertise in their green spaces and the species that inhabit them. This has been paramount in delivering successful biodiversity projects which we could not complete without the help of committed volunteers.

Ross Bray, the Community Biodiversity Adviser for the RSPB/idverde Partnership is our resident expert, and manages twenty resolute Biodiversity Survey volunteers across the region. Ross states;

“We currently have a committed 20-strong team of volunteers with diverse skills and ages helping us survey idverde sites across the Midlands and collate species data for birds, plants, mammals, and insects. In the past 18 months, they’ve done an amazing job recording over 539* species across all sites in Charnwood, Telford, and Northampton. They also do an amazing job supporting us at nature events and promoting nature projects and getting the local communities involved”

*now at 558 – The number is constantly growing.

What is Nature Positive?

The path to a better nature positive environment is no easy feat with many complex elements that need to work together for a greener future. The RSPB has set out their 5 Pillars of Nature Positive below where you can learn more about:

  1. Footprint
  2. Financial
  3. Policy
  4. Supply chain
  5. People

The Video

Recently, Ross Bray teamed up with Telford & Wrekin Council to bring their collective ability to life in a video that highlights what biodiversity and conservation mean to communities.

The 90-second video captures the essence of our enthusiastic volunteer surveyors as they venture out into the wild to make a real difference to the environment and our local communities.

The video was filmed, edited, and shared thanks to the incredible work by Telford & Wrekin’s comms team, who built a robust relationship with the RSPB and idverde over the past several years.

We wanted to take a moment to recognise the hard work of our incredible volunteers. Their dedication and commitment has resulted in an astounding 2480 data records of 558 species across the gorgeous greenspaces of the Midlands through the RSPB and idverde partnership.

The program brings together people from all backgrounds with a diverse breadth of knowledge. Whilst surveying the flora and fauna at Rough Park, the volunteers discovered a whole range of plants, invertebrates and species who make the park their home. We can already see the invertebrates, nuthatch nests, woodpeckers and orchids coming out ready for spring.

This is a true testament of the power of volunteering, and we are beyond grateful for their unwavering support. Together, we can make a real difference to the future of our planet!

What our volunteers say

Marcus and Emily are two of our brilliant volunteer Biodiversity Surveyors who are passionate about making a difference in their spare time. Marcus finds the RSPB gives him the support and flexibility needed to enable him to contribute to its aims in his spare time. It is a reciprocal relationship.

“It has been exciting to have had a key part to play in something so worthwhile and in line with my passion for bird watching. Being part of a local team, learning from and helping others learn has played an important part in that. Together we get to see and develop the whole picture” 

Emily is at university doing post-graduate work pertaining to wild Swan behaviour and is also an expert on Amphibians. Emily’s voluntary work with the RSPB is what she enjoys doing most of all, however.

Emily is autistic, and compared to her academic life, she finds being out on site in the company of other biodiversity survey volunteers is where she can most be herself;

“It has really boosted my confidence socially. We don’t just accurately record wildlife sightings in our routine work rotating around different sites. We also share skills and ideas and become active in working in the partnerships to improve some sites, including with Telford & Wrekin Council and idverde representatives, I am really proud of that”

We couldn’t be prouder of our volunteers and the amazing work they do. Thank you for being a part of this community and making a difference.

You can watch the video here, which is now live on Telford & Wrekin Council social media (Facebook and twitter) and is already gathering love from the public with over 500 views so far.

Perhaps you are interested in volunteering for the RSPB?

Over 12,000 volunteers give their time to the RSPB and help us save nature. If you’re interested, click here to see a Conservation Officer opportunity in the Midlands for RSPB/idverde, or here to find out more about RSPB Volunteering.

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Story, pictures, and content by Ross Bray (Community Biodiversity Adviser) RSPB/idverde Partnership.

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