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31 July 2023

Love Parks Week: Stapenhill Gardens

About Stapenhill Gardens

idverde and East Staffordshire Borough Council are celebrating after Stapenhill Gardens retains their Green Flag Award for 2023/2024. In recognition of this, we have explored the various ways idverde maintains, promotes and enhances biodiversity and green community engagement within Stapenhill Gardens below:


How does idverde’s services benefit the client and the community?

We provide an incredible colourful floral display that is well known through Burton and neighbouring towns. We with our client have created a sensory experience for members of the public with our various wildflower areas throughout the gardens.


Give an example of a recent project or initiative that has happened in the last 12 months?

We have a sustainable planting & wildflower initiative in various areas throughout the gardens which are ongoing. They prove very popular amongst our visitors.


How do you encourage biodiversity at Stapenhill Gardens?

We have been working with our client, East Staffordshire Borough Council, to provide new areas for sustainable planting and wildflowers. The end goal is to move away from annual bedding plants and push towards using perennial planting to not only reduce waste plants but increase species biodiversity within the area.


Does the site have any interesting or unusual features?

Stapenhill Gardens features a large Swan bed which is planted up annually by idverde team members. It makes a beautiful and eye-catching addition to the gardens.


Stapenhill Gardens won a green flag last year, why was it important to apply for the award, and has there been any positive impact as a result??

ESBC applied for the award and we carried out the works to ensure the park was beyond the standard that Green Flag judges would expect. We had a mystery shopper judge visit the park this year and from this we have retained the Green Flag award going into 2024. The achievement has allowed us to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible when it comes to maintenance and, from this, we are able to maintain a much higher standard when thing like In Bloom come around.

Statue of a swan in a bed of flowers