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22 March 2024

Parliamentary praise for idverde and partners in Strathcarron Hospice’s tree recycling triumph

Strathcarron Hospice, situated in Falkirk, is renowned for its compassionate end-of-life care, that has touched the lives of many of our colleagues and their families.

In a remarkable show of community spirit, local families contributed to a fundraising initiative by donating their real Christmas trees for recycling, which was supported by idverde. This eco-friendly project successfully raised an impressive £7,000 for the hospice, contributing to the daily £10,000 required for its operation and support of local families.

The hospice’s dedication and the community’s generosity were acknowledged by Michelle Thomson MSP, who expressed her delight in recognising Strathcarron Hospice’s efforts in the Scottish Parliament. The motion, tabled on 09/02/2024, praised the hospice for its innovative recycling initiative and the significant funds raised, highlighting the collaboration with Sustainable Thinking Scotland, Torwood Garden Centre, and the UK charity Just Helping. It also commended the businesses across the Forth Valley region, including IBT Grangemouth, MKM Stirling, AMR Log Cabins, FBS Plumbing, and idverde UK, for their contributions of vehicles and volunteer staff.

Michelle Thomson MSP, SNP – Falkirk East constituency said ‘I was delighted to table this motion in the Scottish Parliament to congratulate Strathcarron Hospice and partners on your successful tree recycling initiative. Learning of this fantastic achievement and the crucial funds raised, I believe recognition in Parliament is rightfully deserved.’

The hospice’s services are crucial, as they support people and their families across Forth Valley, Cumbernauld, and Kilsyth, helping them to live and die well. With only one-third of its funding coming from the government, Strathcarron relies heavily on the generosity of supporters to continue offering its services free of charge.

idverde reiterates its heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to all who have supported Strathcarron Hospice, ensuring the continuation of its vital mission.