30 July 2023

Love Parks Week: Queen’s Park

About Queen’s Park

At the heart of Loughborough stands the historic award-winning Queen’s Park. The park, maintained by idverde, is loved by many and has been awarded the Green Flag Award every year since 2008.

Parks that are awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award are recognised as having a beautifully maintained park which is managed to ensure:

  • A welcoming space
  • The park is healthy, safe and secure
  • It’s well maintained and clean
  • Environmental management
  • Biodiversity, landscape, and heritage
  • Community involvement
  • Marketing and communication
  • Management

To read the full judging criteria, visit the Green Flag Award website here.

To discover more about Queen’s Park visit here.


What services does idverde provide:

Our partners and client, Charnwood Borough Council has contracted idverde for grounds maintenance which involve; cutting the grass, pruning, collecting litter bins, hedges, biodiversity efforts, community engagement and any activity that goes towards enhancing the park on behalf of Charnwood Borough Council.

These activities will help to create a more attractive and enjoyable environment for the residents and visitors of Charnwood including the wildlife.


How do idverde’s services benefit the client and the community?

Our grounds maintenance team ensures the green space is maintained to the standards of the client. Our working partnership with RSPB allows experts from different backgrounds to work to the benefit of natural habitats, wildlife (not just birds) and the community.

Queen’s Park often attracts lots of students from local schools, colleges, and the university who choose the park to revise in peaceful conditions. Locals and visitors enjoy music being performed on the bandstand.

The park hosts various community initiatives such as student placements with Leicester college and their young students with learning disabilities who love hands on horticultural projects.

A local nursery has also been given a bed to maintain and they love to showcase the work they do on enhancing biodiversity and wildlife.


Recent initiatives:

Throughout the year the park has students doing placements and we are always looking for new ways to increase biodiversity with approval from the client.

Local groups also got together to help showcase a planting project in celebration and remembrance of the fallen during two World Wars. 100 plant pots were displayed on day (22nd July) to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Carillon. Each pot had an army regimental badge attached to it. In addition, the community are working together to knit poppies for Remembrance Sunday in November.


How does idverde encourage biodiversity at Queen’s Park?

The Queen’s Park has enhanced biodiversity by adding brand new features such as the water and Avery bed to create more thriving habitats.

We have optimised designs to include plants that are nectar rich for our bees and butterflies and other nectar seeking wildlife.

Working in partnership with RSPB we survey the park regularly, record data to iRecords, similar to Delapré.

Recording the data assists us to create evidence-based decisions on how parks are managed to support the local wildlife.


Does your park have any interesting or unusual features?

The Queen’s Park has a large tower, the Carillon tower, as the centrepiece of the park which is actually a War Memorial. It was built with funding from the local community following the First World War and is now celebrating its centenary.

Not only the Carillon, but The Queen’s Park also has a museum which attracts history enthusiasts eager to learn more about Loughborough’s history.

The bandstand hosts many talented musicians and is hub for students and locals.


Why did you apply for a Green Flag Awards this year? Why is it important to apply for the award?

We believe it is essential to a apply for the prestigious Green Flag Award on the behalf of the client because it is assurance to the public that the park is being well managed, maintained and is safe and accessible for everyone.

It is the recognised standard for parks and green spaces, and we aspire to get our parks to exceed these standards.

Carillon in Loughborough
yellow flowers and a green flag
flowers in Queen's Park
water fountain