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29 April 2020

Get Your Garden Summer Ready During National Gardening Week!

We view the garden as one of the key elements to a perfect home. Carl Maddocks, idverde Senior Operations Manager at TCL said: “Now is the time to get out in your garden and transform it for you and your family to enjoy throughout the rest of the year.

“Even the simplest thing can transform a garden. There are lots of things that even a novice gardener can do. You can also get your children to help too.”

Here are Carl’s 10 simple steps to get your garden summer ready:

  1. Jet wash and clean your patio, balustrades and decking
  2. Clear over-spilling soil and turf from edgings and patios
  3. Define borders by digging an edge to them
  4. Rebark your mulch beds
  5. Use bedding plants to add instant colour to your planters and borders
  6. Use old bricks and gravel to create a new feature
  7. Recycle old timber to create raised beds or a kitchen/herb garden
  8. Gather twigs to pile up and create bug hotels
  9. Drill holes in logs to entice bees and insects
  10. Use old timber to build a cosy home for hedgehogs

We hope our gardening tips help you get out in the garden during this lockdown period.