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07 February 2024

Making the Case for Sustainability: ‘There’s always more we can do’.

The Royal Parks are a key contract for idverde as well as places to reconnect with nature for many of London’s visitors, workers and residents.  Ensuring they are sustainable and environmentally thoughtful as well as well-maintained is top of the agenda for everyone.

Sustainablity Meeting Team Event
“Everyone involved with The Royal Parks is already very environmentally aware’ says Lucy Fisher, Operations Director. ‘Ensuring careful use of materials and resources is a key factor for everyone, from His Royal Highness to those of us working in the Parks every day. But we want to do more. Having generated some creative and exciting ideas to further reduce our carbon footprint during key events like the Coronation and the late Queen’s funeral, we wanted to get our heads together to look how we might make sustainable improvements to the day to day Park operations, how we could improve the biodiversity of the Parks, and how we might attract more wildlife into a city environment.”

To generate ideas and squeeze every drop of creativity from our Park teams, we took them out of the business for a day for a Sustainability Workshop and immersed them into a mix of learning, researching and sharing best practices and ideas.

Plenty of passion and enthusiasm was generated with a Climate Fresk workshop, alongside a day of sustainability themed games and quizzes, along with brainstorming of ideas and scenarios.

“We split the task into key headings: carbon, waste, biodiversity and materials/resources, continues Lucy. By looking at these four key areas individually, we could focus more closely on the reasons behind the challenges and look to other industries, sectors and idverde contracts for best practice solutions and ideas.”

What emerged from the day was not just an action list of improvements which included everything from using recycled bin bags to water treatment solutions for the Park’s many lakes and ponds, but also a deeper insight into the possibilities for transformation for urban areas.

Sharing ideas from our colleagues at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for example, brought creative ways to increase biodiversity in areas that might have to be highly pedestrianised or have multiple uses through the seasons.


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Each Park team finished the day with a collection of immediate actions and a list of medium term ideas and solutions which will now be shared with the client.

Some of these solutions will also be of benefit to other contracts in idverde’s portfolio where clients are looking for ways to improve sustainability and biodiversity all manner of parks and public spaces. It just goes to show, there is always more you can do.

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