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11 March 2020

Bringing Eastbourne Schoolchildren’s Bedding Design To Life

idverde Operations Manager, Darren Pillar, and Community Liaison Officer, Karen Rigby-Faux were pleased to be invited to help judge this year’s Explorer in Bloom competition, which saw primary schools in Eastbourne compete to see their bedding design turned into a 3.8m raised bed.

The local primary school children were invited to produce designs based on the ‘Explorer’ theme with the exciting opportunity to see the winning entry planted in a 3.8m diameter circular raised bed at Holywell Retreat.

On 6th March, idverde’s Darren Pillar and Karen Rigby-Faux joined representatives from Eastbourne Council, the Observatory Science Centre Eastbourne EBP and Stone Cross Nurseries to judge entries from three finalists: Bede’s School, Rodean Moira House School, and St Andrews Prep School.

After much deliberation, the judging panel selected St Andrews Prep as the winners, with their design featuring a boat motif, incorporating purple and orange alternathera, lavender, and echeveria.

Darren Pillar, idverde Operations Manager, said:

“Congratulations to the pupils from St Andrews Prep, who have come up with an excellent design which will translate very well into floral display.

“I am especially looking forward to seeing the design come to life as, twenty-six years ago, I spent my first day as an apprentice gardener working on this very bedding display at Holywell Retreat. It is really exciting to be able to judge this competition and see a new generation developing such enthusiasm for horticulture and taking pride in their local area.”

Members of the idverde team, who provide grounds maintenance services to Eastbourne Council, as well as supporting the local ‘In Bloom’ competitions, are now making preparations to plant up the bed at Holywell Retreat, where it will be unveiled on 11th June and be on display until October.