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09 February 2022

#AskAnApprentice | National Apprenticeship Week 2022

National Apprenticeship Week, which takes place between the 7th and 13th of February, shines a light on how apprenticeships can benefit learners and employers. This year’s theme, ‘Build the Future’, focuses on how apprentices gain the skills and knowledge needed to develop a workforce with future-ready skills. 

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we spoke to a past and present apprentice to find out more about what has been their favourite part of the apprenticeship and what they are looking forward to in the future.


Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes, who has been with idverde for four years now, is completing the Level 2 Horticulture/Landscaping Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship is a two-year programme that provides learners with a mix of practical and theoretical learning. Modules teach essential information around plant identification, plant growth and soil science, and learners can put their new knowledge into practice. Speaking to Daniel, he told us more about his experience so far on the apprenticeship.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do the apprenticeship because I wanted to expand my industry knowledge. The course has enabled me to learn many skills, including how to ID plants, work within teams and learn from one another.

What is your typical workday?

My typical day starts in the yard, then depending on the time of the year, I could be undertaking tasks such as grass cutting or tending to shrubs and flower beds. My favourite part about the apprenticeship was attending Futurescape at London Excel and testing my ability in my everyday role.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

Yes, I would recommend an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can be very beneficial, I would tell anyone wanting to start to enjoy it and take their time throughout the programme.

National Apprenticeship Week 2022

Jade Lai-Wu

We also spoke to Jade Lai-Wu, who has completed her Level 2 Horticulture/Landscaping Apprenticeship. Jade started as an apprentice and has progressed from apprentice to grounds maintenance operative and is now a team leader.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I wanted to pursue a qualification where I could earn and learn at the same time. This industry appealed to me because it’s active, I’m always outdoors, which feels great and freeing and I can earn money whilst doing something I love.

What were the key things you learned during your apprenticeship?

During this apprenticeship, I learned how to put theoretical knowledge into practical ability. I also learned everything from the origins of Latin plant names, to plant science, to tool maintenance. It’s an incredibly diverse course!

What was your most significant achievement during your apprenticeship?

My most significant achievement from the course was getting to the end and passing. It’s a satisfying feeling when your hard work (mental and physical) gets you your qualification.

What was the most challenging part of your apprenticeship?

The most challenging part of the apprenticeship was first starting because I was completely new to the industry and had no knowledge of basic tools or plants.

How did the apprenticeship help you to progress in your career?

The apprenticeship helped me in my career; it gave me the basics (and more) to do the grounds maintenance job and opened up doors to pursue the Level 3 Horticulture Supervisor Apprenticeship and the Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship. In the future, I hope to qualify in any course thrown at me and progress even further in the industry.

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