Creating the Floral Fountains for Jephson Gardens

Jephson Gardens is one of Royal Leamington Spa’s most high profile green spaces, with its prime location at the foot of The Parade and vibrant floral displays attracting tens of thousands of visitors each season.

Featured within the Gardens are a number of ‘floral fountains’ in which summer bedding plants cascade over tiers.  We’re often asked about these displays and what goes into them, so here’s how we create the floral fountains.

Each fountain consists of either two or three tiers, each planted up and transported as single items. At the end of each summer season the floral fountain displays in and around Jephson Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa, are emptied of plants and soil, dismantled and transported back to the nursery. The following spring, plants are grown from seed and when of sufficient size, they are planted in the floral fountain sections.

During the growing season we visit the nursery with members of the parks team from Warwick District Council to inspect the plants’ progress and quality. Prior to installation a final quality inspection visit takes place, to make sure that the plants will meet the standards expected in Jephson Gardens.

In readiness for the summer installation, we carry out safety inspections of the lifting equipment and update risk assessments as required.  Planning meetings take place between the contract management team, head gardener Dave Partridge and his horticulture team.

Once the winter bedding has been removed from the gardens, we’re ready to put the floral fountains back in. The quality checked floral fountains are transported to site, strapped to wooden pallets in the rear of a curtain sided vehicle –  preventing wind damage to the plants on their journey from the nursery to Jephson Gardens.

On arrival at the gardens, sheets of plywood are placed over empty beds and the lawn to prevent damage. A JCB Telehandler is on site ready to offload and position the floral fountain sections. Support poles and ground fixings are prepared and positioned in readiness to receive the floral fountains. Each section of the fountain is lifted from the pallets and carefully transported to the beds before being lifted into position. Separator plates are bolted to the poles ensuring an equal distance between each fountain section. This process continues until all sections of the fountain are in place. The protective wooden sheets are then removed and the bed prepared for planting.   The fountains are watered once in place and within the space of a few weeks, will be ready to dazzle visitors for another summer season.


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